That’s a good sign but in the big picture it’s a $150,000. Not really anything to get excited about.

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Oh sure, rain on my parade!

!giphy cry

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Looking at the volume and comparing it with other exchanges it definitely is.

Gobble Gobble

At this rate we'll have to rename the SPS to simply, 'Ask Dan'. 😂

Haha. Not until we get a instant powerdown option (with a 5-10% burn for the privilege) - until then I will keep playing with my liquid stake.

Darn. Missed the dip again.

I picked up a little, but still holding out for sub .14.

I usually move money near the end of the month. So, catching stuff on the low side is always nice.

Wait till steem gets in the hands of people that will never sell.
The price will skyrocket!

so these are coins that users didnt claim after they delisted steem right?

Very interesting post. I wish I would have held on to all my SBD .... traded for Steem too soon. Oh well.

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