Quantity or quality in steemit which is better?

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I am new to this platform and there are certain things I have learned in it, but one of the most important is, what is better to increase the quantity or quality?

Quantity or quality in steemit that is better?

As we know, steemit is a social network that pays us to share content, vote and comment on publications, there are many people who have post with those who have won very well, but what would be our goal, ¿more ads or more money?

The first is the first

To have a publication that gives us a very good pay is necessary, have followers, good reputation and a subject that the public likes, but the most important thing here are the followers, while more followers much better

Because the followers?

It is important to have a good number of followers, since they are the ones who determine if our advertisement is of quality and make us grow in reputation.

How to get more followers?

To get enough followers to publish varied content, 2 or 3 publications per day would not be a bad idea, for our followers to be aware of our publications we must remain active, and if we have many followers and a good publication, we will be great and we will be satisfied by our progress, there are many people who only think about money but in reality we should go little by little and have patience to publish, obviously the content will not have a million followers from one day to the next, but if we publish daily we can have followers and a very good reputation

How does reputation help?

It is important to have a good reputation, as I mentioned before, this is achieved through the followers and publications, but how does it help us? Reputation is a very important aspect in steemit, to have great profits we need a great reputation, when we are new in Steemit our reputation will be the lowest that represents number 25 next to our name, if we have this low reputation and get us 20 votes in a publication we would have approximately 3 cents, but with a higher reputation we will be able to have up to twice those profits with said votes and a higher number in our name which indicates that our reputation goes up


In conclusion, the key in steemit is quality, quality ads are what attract people, vote and win

As a tip that I do not take much cattle to this platform, I will continue in it to be able to take full advantage of it. I hope I can succeed here and wish all of the newcomers to this community luck.

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