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in steem •  last year

Steem getting absolutely slaughtered last few days.

Fortunately, it's not just steem as the entire cryptocurrency market is getting rocked, well except for bitcoin.

I am seeing a bullish engulfing reversal candle when looking at an hourly chart.

Is this some light at the end of the tunnel?

Does this hold do we think?

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This is as low as it has been for a few months now. I am hoping for a bit of a bounce back on Tuesday when business resumes as usual.


What changes tomorrow vs. today?


Today was a holiday in the US and Canada. Not that it really matters, but lately it seems like weekends have been bad and this was a long one.

Literally just got my steem account today and have been researching cryptocurrencies for the last few I hope it rebounds! Not sure where I've been the last few years (under a rock, apparently), but cryptocurrencies are fascinating to me. It's best to enter the market at the lowest point...right? Lol.


Yes, good time to buy some steem for sure. Think most of the selling is due to people wanting to get into bitcoin.