Is it strange that I think this is good news?

in #steem2 months ago

Everyone seems to be seeing this Steemit/Steem/Tron news as mostly a negative

But I am not sure I see it that way.

My guess is that we will have to swap our coins for a new coin.

This coin will run on tron and any exchanges we are currently on will also have to make this swap.

We can keep building steem as is, it will just be a little different.

We will have major resources at our disposal though that were not there in our current incarnation.

I know all you traditionalist and purest wanted to build something here but it was always going to be a long hard climb up with two giant boulders tied around our legs.

Those boulders being steemit,inc selling steem at every corner just to keep the lights on.

Now, with resources to boot and a master marketer on our side, perhaps we can truly reach a mainstream audience.

There is much to be ironed out still, but I for one think we need this change in order to survive in the long run.

We were on the slow path to obscurity that didn't see much a way out.

Once all the details are released I will have a better grasp on exactly how this will all play out, but for now it sounds like good news in the long run.