Calm before the storm?

in steem •  last year

After a pronounced downtrend of the steem/btc price, things are finally starting to go sideways:

In this instance sideways might be a good thing.

Often this kind of action is seen before a change of direction.

Which, in this case, would mean that steem would finally start gaining some ground on BTC. 

Hopefully that means that the dollar value is going up as well, but there is no guarantee.

What do you think, is steem finally ready to start moving up?

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Hopefully this is a botteming out for Steem and other coins that are acting the same. I've been taking advantage of the great prices. Bitcoin may still cause some turmoil. Money being pulled out of altcoins may be slowing though.

I think that we are going to see a rally in altcoins vs. bitcoin after the fork, when all the "gold-diggers" are leaving bitcoin..

Don't compare BTC to Steem.

BTC is pure speculative, Steem has an actual underlying value.

Steem's prices chart are really boring lately, swinging between .96 and 1.08

I think this is a good price range for a coin, platform that is still in it's infancy. Eventually as the platform matures, the price wil go up.