Crypto market 1 year ago - 2017 September 15th

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Market cap : $128B ($205B now)
Bitcoin : $3695 ($6554 now - the best)
Ethereum : $257 ($226 now)
Steem : $1.11 ($0.74 now)

BTC Dominance: 47.8% -> 55.2% now (up from 32% in 2018 January!)
If last year this time BTC was at$3695 and went to $20k, it can do it this year too from current $6554 easily. The Mcafee dick line must be followed! If you know the meaning of this "line", i will transfer 2 STEEM for the first correct answer in the comments!


McAfee said that he would eat his dick if Bitcoin hit 500k by 2020 and then revised it to $1 million by 2020

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Hat nagyon bizom benne hogy a steem erosodik lassan. Bar remelem elotte fel tudok tankolni belole😁 Bar most a tajfun utan nem valoszinu 🤔

a lot of people has suffered but if they HODL they going lambo within 1 year

Never go full Lambo. It's a recipe for pure douchebaggery (yes, that's a real world, Grammarly just told me so).

If those people managed to stay in crypto this long, they have now graduated to medium-strong hands. We'll check back up in a year or two to see who graduates to strong hands :)

I see holo wasn't on there last year and it's hovering around 46 now. I've just bought a million of them

Mcafee dick line😂
I think it's the support line???

Hi @jomeszaros - I've upvoted you, and re-steemed the post to help with your promotional efforts. Hope it helps!

The "line" or graph showing from here to BTC worth $1mil, per his famous quote that he'd eat his words if he were wrong. And by words I mean...

And we have a winner! Congratulations!

Thank you!

LOL I have never seen this before. Golden. You should post it in memes and on Instagram.

is there any way you can resteem my post ? following you now

wow top 100 coin for 2017 ... what about 2019 :p

That's not for the Curious Parrot, i keep it for myself :)

I got it from him a few years back. Steem and BTC will do pretty well.

Back to the future movie :p Let's see if he was telling you the truth :p

We're in a bear market, but there is soooo much potential for the blockchain in many different areas that haven't yet been mainstreamed. With all the potential still not fully realized, I see Bitcoin and other easily attaining Dec. 2017 levels, just maybe not by the end of this year.

Agreed! Thanks for your comment!

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