Crypto market 1 year ago - 2017 September 15th

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Market cap : $128B ($205B now)
Bitcoin : $3695 ($6554 now - the best)
Ethereum : $257 ($226 now)
Steem : $1.11 ($0.74 now)

BTC Dominance: 47.8% -> 55.2% now (up from 32% in 2018 January!)
If last year this time BTC was at$3695 and went to $20k, it can do it this year too from current $6554 easily. The Mcafee dick line must be followed! If you know the meaning of this "line", i will transfer 2 STEEM for the first correct answer in the comments!

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McAfee said that he would eat his dick if Bitcoin hit 500k by 2020 and then revised it to $1 million by 2020

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Hat nagyon bizom benne hogy a steem erosodik lassan. Bar remelem elotte fel tudok tankolni belole😁 Bar most a tajfun utan nem valoszinu 🤔

a lot of people has suffered but if they HODL they going lambo within 1 year

Never go full Lambo. It's a recipe for pure douchebaggery (yes, that's a real world, Grammarly just told me so).

If those people managed to stay in crypto this long, they have now graduated to medium-strong hands. We'll check back up in a year or two to see who graduates to strong hands :)

I see holo wasn't on there last year and it's hovering around 46 now. I've just bought a million of them

Mcafee dick line😂
I think it's the support line???

Hi @jomeszaros - I've upvoted you, and re-steemed the post to help with your promotional efforts. Hope it helps!

The "line" or graph showing from here to BTC worth $1mil, per his famous quote that he'd eat his words if he were wrong. And by words I mean...

And we have a winner! Congratulations!

Thank you!


LOL I have never seen this before. Golden. You should post it in memes and on Instagram.

Image from John McAfee @officialmcafee on Twitter


is there any way you can resteem my post ? following you now

wow, we have came a long way

That's for sure mate!

wow top 100 coin for 2017 ... what about 2019 :p

That's not for the Curious Parrot, i keep it for myself :)

Come on Jomes ... sharing is caring :p

I got it from him a few years back. Steem and BTC will do pretty well.

Back to the future movie :p Let's see if he was telling you the truth :p

We're in a bear market, but there is soooo much potential for the blockchain in many different areas that haven't yet been mainstreamed. With all the potential still not fully realized, I see Bitcoin and other easily attaining Dec. 2017 levels, just maybe not by the end of this year.

Agreed! Thanks for your comment!

It means that it will hockey stick like a you know what am I right?

What a change

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Wow that is impressive ethereum holding strong even as it has hit rock bottom price now maybe a good idea to buy to balance out the losses from big dip? @jomeszaros @experiment #cryptocurrency

es increible la cantidad de criptomonedas que hay y la fiabilidad de tan alta que tienen.

a currency will return as a bitcoin in the ascendant and from here all work will climb

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currency will return as a bitcoin yeah ❤✔

If you say so, yeah


Still a noob in the crypto world, I can hardly interpret a graph. @jomeszaros I would like to ask some steemit related questions from you as I am planning to make a success out of this platfrom.. How can I chat you up? Are you on discord, Telegram, or I really need to ask you some important questions.

how discord can help me, i am a newbie too. i appreciate advice @babara20

LoL, He is just as noob as all peoples. his word means nothing to the market.

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@jomeszaros. Lets not focus on pricing, but more on development and adoption.

At previous year price of Steem as I remember was higher at some days. Hope till the end of 2018 we'll see again how price of Steem grows up higher than 1$ or 2$! Cheers!

Good article with nice comparison with the current market situation

I still believe we will see new ATHs

for sure. either end of this year or next year Q1.

good reminding, and we know what happened in Dec.Jan. oh god. My portfolio increased rapidly. then suddenly bad time emerged, till no good for us . i like your post @babara20

This is bring back memory , Thanks

Congratulations @jomeszaros!
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Invest in btc this time last year and you would’ve far outperformed a regular portfolio on the stock market. Goes to show that success should be benchmarked against other asset classes.

or buy in now...

This information helps us. I really hope steller also makes it to the top very soon.

What do you think? Will steem increase in future...

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Nice perspective! I must say my involvement in crypto took an abrupt halt when trying to unravel the confusion of tax consequences for each transaction. I went wild last year participating in everything and then come tax time was left scratching my head at trying to retrace all the activity. Every event being taxable is a nightmare. So many trades both on exchange and decentralized such as Shapeshifts, ICO's, EtherDelta, Cryptokitties, Prisms. In fact because of this I basically halted all activity after participating daily since mid-2017.
I am wondering how many others there are out there like me that were heavily involved on a daily basis during the hyperbolic phase that stopped once the reality of tax responsibility hit home?
I wish I would have kept track of every transaction at the time, but I thought foolishly it would be only a taxable event at the time of cashing out to fiat. Doing the right thing in terms of attempting to follow the current tax rules is painful, but I am hoping this effort now will payoff in terms of showing compliance in the future. After I get this tax mess straight I plan on keeping track as I go so it is not this painful and plan on jumping back in the market. Hopefully there will be others doing the same if this prevented them from participating similarly.

It is not too easy to keep track of my trades either i have to agree here, i am using for this purpose, pretty good.


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Good changing for now, keep going

Thank you for refreshing memories , this was good times when we had 2017 , now 2018, let’s wait for 2020


Euphoric time. Perfect for speculators. This story will circle again and again. Try not to be the donor of capital. The rest is simple. :)

lol at ETH

Good picture. It is just a beginning. We have to be patience. It will take time; the result will be greater!

i really hope steem makes it to the top very soon

flagged disagreement for rewards

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I think Mcafee is going to have a very uncomfortable meal in 2020 ;)

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300$ for a screenshot and a couple of sentences. That's some quality material right here!

This is a great comparison of the market a year ago. Indeed a lot of changes happened. Just want to share this with you guys trading competition.

Good article with nice comparison with the current market situation. Good luck with your future writting.

Thank you!

Why do i see BitConnect coin in the advert on the top.. Oops!!! Bitconnnneeeccccttt

1 year ago they were still going full steam :) Not anymore!

my comments seems gone, i rmb ytd saw the ETH price was at 208 n today different, or that is another similar post out there?

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