Steemit Account #1.000.000 - A Legitimate SignUp from A Polish Teenager

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Steemit Broke 1 Million Accounts 2 days ago!

I am relieved to learn it's a legitimate organic sign-up!

user ID 1.000.000

I had my suspicions about Account# 1.000.000 being just another one of those sock-puppets, my line of work tends to come with a cynical sentiment, but after doing my due-diligence, I have credible proof that this is a real legitimate organic signup.

@xmlvnx is a 13yr old girl from Poland that signed up here following the call of a Polish streamer with a legacy social media following of around 110k users on instagram & facebook. His name is @rafonixofficial and he's made quite a bang in the 10 days he's been on steem and publishing via @dlive!

This is the video by @rafonixofficial with 55k views on YouTube which brought our millionth user to this platform:

I am incredibly happy to know the user with the milestone ID 1.000.000 is NOT a fake, but a real organic signup!

Steem to the masses!

P.S.: I do have proof of @xmlvnx's identity via several legacy social media profiles which I will not release for obvious reasons, she's a teenage girl!! Also, keep that in mind and treat her with respect while giving her a warm welcome to this platform!

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This Polish streamer is doing wonders for the growth of the community, I´m not surprised at all by the fact that the 1M account come from is follower base.

What he is doing is especially important because it will show to many others that it is possible to have a build a project based on our lovely community and this amazing blockchain.

The steemit terms of service say

If you are between 13 and 18 years of age (or the age of legal majority where you reside), you may only access or use Steemit under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms.

I am cynical too and it's great news it's not a puppet but I hope the age of this person is not an omen for other issues. 😉

Oh the irony of complaining about sock-puppets from a sock-puppet account never seizes to amuse me!

Alright. Let's watch and see what she's got to offer.

I am sure she will add a lot to the community. It has to be real, because it is not a 13 year old Ukrainian boy.

Say what you want about raf he’s done a lot for this community

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