I powered up my life's savings. No Ragrets.

in #steem6 years ago

Why did I power up my life savings in Steem? I believe in the movement. Steemit is creating universal income for low income countries and have created amazing communities that are bettering our society. We've changed the lives of many people for the better through kindness. The trolls have disappeared, although bullying still happens, it is no longer name calling but actual constructive points provided by both sides of the argument. Incredible.

If that wasn't the reason enough? I want to improve my writing and my formatting skills. I hope this community will join my journey. Also, I hope I can inspire people to follow the movement. Steemit has been taking off and it is the only platform out with now with out the middle man squeezing out every penny they can take. Your content is your content.

If crypto fails, I'm going down with this ship and like the titanic band.

Watch me fall or watch me rise. More to come soon!

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