Thursday.. Of #TBT?

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Hello friends of Steemit, I hope you are very well.

Nowadays, the famous #TBT hashtag is very used and it is common to meet him on Thursdays on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, but where it is surprisingly popular and used is on Instagram. In all of them we can find it in the following ways: "#tbt" or "#TBT", Therefore, the #TBT is a hashtag that, in theory, can only be used on Thursdays. And it serves to label those images or photographs of instants lived in the past.


The popular hashtag is an acronym, that is, the initials or acronyms of a group of words that are used as if they were one. In this case, #TBT means "ThrowBack Thursday" which in Spanish means "Thursday of yesteryear", "Thursday of backward movement" or "Thursday of returning to the past".

Placing the #tbt tag on a photo, takes us back to the past with fond, melancholic or significant memories with sometimes moving images for all our followers. This fact humanizes the person who shows what he was like in the past. #Tbt is a hashtag that is also used with a sense of humor to show the changes that one has had over the years. Many famous people or stars of cinema and music, publish on Thursdays own old photos so that their followers could see what they looked like when they were not known.


In short, the hashtag "TBT" is used only on Thursdays to share with the rest of users of social networks photographs of the past and laugh at oneself from the aspect we had many years ago.

You should also know that in recent times is also beginning to use "#tbt" on YouTube to refer to movies, ads or commercials popular a few years ago.

And with this super #TBT I say goodbye.

My baby Paula in Mommy's tummy

I hope that the subject has been liked by all,

Until a next reading.

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