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RE: Hi friends long time no see I am sure that you are all experiencing tough times exacerbated by this coronavirus I know I am

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

It's all good to see you here once more, uche's side kick is here waving to you. I have a unique request, first I need to know how you have been this period, your family as well and to ask that you keep on making the airdrop flow to as many numbers of individuals because of the circumstances on grounds, many individuals here are in critical need this period. God favor you.

So, a debt of gratitude for everything you do

My special request is that you look into this post of mine, and help me in a way you can please


I'd owe you my in-depth gratitude if you could just help me do this for my Mom @dimimp.

I hope to get notification from you soon. Cheers amigo.


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