Voting Bot Ends! Autovotes for Up to 4000 Followers Begin!

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Do you want automatic upvotes from me every day at 100% voting power? Let's get started today! After a year and a half of running my voting bot on Steem, I have ended it today and instead am simply automatically voting anyone that joins my email list with weekly updates on the newest of what I have created at I will have a video out shortly explaining more. In the meantime, here is the simple version.

View current voting power at

If you want a 100% upvote from me every day automatically and indefinitely, complete the form at and then check your email. Click the "CONFIRM MY SUBSCRIPTION" button and that's it!

In 24 to 48 hours I will add you to my automatic voter with which can handle up to 4,000 accounts. You will get a 100% autovote every day indefinitely as long as you stay subscribed to my email list and continue posting on Steem. When we hit 4,000 users on my upvoter, we will purge inactive accounts to make room for others. When the list is full, a warning will appear on the form that you are on the waiting list for the autovotes with spots opening up whenever users go inactive or unsubscribe.

Thank you for sticking with me on Steem and I am grateful for the chance to help you earn on your posts!

Jerry Banfield

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You have had a rough ride here on Steem but I have always enjoyed having such a charismatic character around the place. When I first started my steem journey I found your video invaluable and have been following you ever since. Although I may not have always agreed with your advice it is always good to get your perspective. Thanks Jerry for the offer and I would like to take you up on it.

You are on the list! Thank you for joining us!

Great to see you this active again Jerry ..
Just like the old times ..
Hope you will hang around ..
Goof luck..

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Welcome back Jerry. 😊😊

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As someone who personally hates bid bots, passively rewarding followers of an email list is an interesting idea. It's kind of like a steembasicincome scheme. If your vote was massive like some other bots I might be more concerned about its affect on content discovery, but across 4k users seems like that will give a decent baseline vote to people.

It's an innovative use of SP. It's definitely worth participating and should be interesting to watch. It should give you a similar return after the HF right?

Maybe! I have been thinking about ending the bit bot for a while now and the hard fork finally motivated me to take action!

I’ve not seen you for a long time , any reason. Cheers mike

I am back with autovotes for free!

Now that sounds good, how does one make this happen? Cheers mike

Happy to see your new initiative Jerry

Signed up

Thank you for joining and resteeming! You are on the list!

I'm so happy to hear Jerry

Your voting bot was one of the fairest bots we ever had on Steem and I give you kudos for that. This is a fine initiative and thanks for the kind gesture.

PS: Post resteemed.

Thank you for the resteem you are on the list!

Thanks for adding me and for the big upvotes. Cheers!

this is very exciting as well as kind of you. I have learned a lot from your posts in the past so I look forward to your emails!!!!!!

Thank you for joining the list! You are on the autovoter now and I am grateful to hear you already enjoyed the posts before!

awesome. looking forward to your emails.

Thank you for such kinds of I have subscribed your initiative.
Hope this initiative will flourish day by day. I have also resteemed this post for more visibility.
Thank you for your awesome gesture

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Thank you for the resteem and for being one of the first to join within 24 hours! You are on the autovoter!

Really feeling something new with your initiative.
Thank you very much

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What autovoter do you use?

Hi jerry, instead of voting for me every day, can you vote for my friend @selfmadebastard! My votes from you get cancelled out by @berniesanders, and it would help out @selfmadebastard more! thanks!!

ATTN: @jerrybanfield you should remove all these chumps & backstabbers from the list right away (they don't deserve it, especially @enforcer48. Check out this post by @themarkymark!

ok, i subscribed to your email list

Thank you and you are on the autovoter now!

Good to see you back man! Subscribed! 💯

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I smiled seeing you joining so fast and just voted a bunch of your posts while adding you to the list!

I remember almost 2 years ago that you did a video about upvoting and gave me a $30 vote, the good ole’ crypto days!

Great to see You back 💪🏼🙌🏼💯😂

Beautiful initiative! We are all lucky for the support!

What about the VP issue? It’s just a bit above 5%.

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Thank you for this! Signed up!

Nice having you back here Jerry.
Signed up!

Jesus...... I have to spit.....

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Oh my @jerrybanfield!

This is really great stuff! You're not only offering us free upvotes, you're offering to give us periodic tips at the same time! That's next level shit dude!

Thanks so much, man. And good luck with this newsletter update stuff. 😎👍🏼

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I hope I am not too late. :-)

Such an amazing thought I reall love it.
Done my task and waiting for adding me to your list
Much love @ajks

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Cool! Just signed up and confirmed... hope im not too late to the party

Glad to see such an initiative from you. I know you've been criticized like no other around and you've been quiet for some time. Glad to see you doing this and I hope this will work, as many steemians need and will appreciate your help.

Just subscribed btw.

So letz go... As long we dont try new things, nothing will change?!?

This is bad ass, man. I've followed you since just about day one on here. Interesting and different idea. I somehow think you might even do better on curation rewards.


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Finished signed up in your list.
Hope to see some results later.
Thanks for the service, and you havent really given up steem, yet.
God speed.

I signed up jerry good luck..

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What a great initiative and gesture to the Steemians. @fitinfun, @myjob can this help you?

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You deserve all the love from steemians sir! Thanks for this. Such a great help. More power! :)

Well, thank you for the kind offer -- just finding out about it, and hoping it is not too late!

how many moons has it been since i saw a jerrybanfield vote! Great little initative, i wonder what incentified this major altruistic change.. im sure many people will be smiling.. thanks for the support, and doin' the right thing <3

ahh, i get it,, the upcoming curation changes ;-) VERY happy to see it already working in favour of decentralising the steem.. this is the way forward i can see now!

This will definitely bring a lot of people back to steemit as well as new users. A job well done

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Thanks for your support

This is a very interesting Idea. Yours is the first bidbot to announce how to change.
Glad to see the initiative and hope it works out. I will look into this.

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Thank you @jerrybanfield, i subscribed to your email list.

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nice initiative.
signed up.

Dear @jerrybanfield

You will get a 100% autovote every day indefinitely as long as you stay subscribed to my email list and continue posting on Steem

How could you potentially offer something that doesn't even sound real.

You can do only 10 (ten) full autovotes a day. And yet you're offering 100% upvote to everyone? C'mon buddy. Be real.

Perhaps that's the reason why your voting power currently is down pretty much to 0%? So you can indeed upvote posts with 100% voting power, but really without benefiting anyone?


Your come back bring new ammo and guide the other steemians to get the top. I just confirm subscription and i will try to active in steemit well.
thank you @jerrybanfield.
Warm regard from Indonesia

Why don't you make a discord server.We can communicate in that

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subscribed mail list.. Thank you

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