Best $25,000,000 Investment for 2018?

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When we have 25+ million dollars in 2018 we want invest with the goals of doing the most good and getting the highest return, where is the best opportunity to make that kind of investment? Are we looking to do some good, to make a contribution in the world, to leave a legacy? Are we looking ideally to get some influence out of our investment?


What are the requirements then as investors we want to see before we get started?

Number one, transparency.

We want to be able to just look and see everything before we decide to buy in. We don't want any guessing games or, "Oh, this will be so great. You will see."

We want to see exactly what it is we're getting into. We want to see that we are investing in something that is great already and is undervalued because other investors are missing it. We want enough evidence to justify believing that our potential investment could easily earn us 10 times what we put in during the foreseeable future and hundreds of times more within a few years

We also want liquidity. There are all kinds of investments we use could tie our money up for a long time. We want an investment where we could cash out at any time whether a small percentage or all of it.

Finally, what we really would like is utility. We want an investment that enhances our quality of life, that allows us to do more and to exceed our limitations, that's practical for us to use on a daily basis.

Now, that leads us back to, what is the best 25 million plus dollar investment in 2018 with these things in mind?

Best $25,000,000 Investment for 2018?

Would you join me in taking a look because this seems like our opportunity for investment of a lifetime?

Here it is.

Now, the great news is that at first you might not even see it or notice it.

If you've heard of Bitcoin, it's similar, but it’s not Bitcoin. It's a newer version of Bitcoin and it's not called Bitcoin.

I will scroll down this page on and we are very likely to just miss it because it is currently number 34 on here.

If the first reaction is, "Who cares? Why would anyone invest?"

That's good, that's good!

We want that reaction because this is what other investors are doing too.

This little cryptocurrency at number 34 on the list doesn't look like it's very interesting at the moment to invest in. The price has been around $1 for months now. There's not a lot of volume on it every day and that's good because we can buy into this without a gigantic price movement. We can get all of this, and then have it before the price goes up. It fills all the requirements.

Now, when we actually start looking into this Steem cryptocurrency, the data looks really, really, really good.

I will start showing you some of the data now.

First, the price.

What I like about Steem is that the price has been as high as $4 in the past. It's currently a dollar today. Therefore, it's already shown it's been higher in the past.

By comparison, Bitcoin is as high as it's ever been before and many of these other currencies here are as high as they've ever been before. That's generally a terrible time to invest.

Steem meanwhile is at 25% of what the maximum price has already been before, it’s clearly proven that it has much more upward potential than it is at right now.

This is, in my opinion, the most compelling data though for Steem, looking at the actual activity of the blockchains.

Now, this is a chart that takes a look at the actual activity on different blockchains. Thank you to @glitterfart for showing us this! What we're seeing on this chart is how much these blockchains are actually getting used.

Now, this is very important in terms of the true value of a blockchain. These are ranked with more of an indication of true value in terms of how much our users are actually interacting with these blockchains.

Now, yes, the design features on some of these blockchains like Steem, like Bitshares, like Golos, do provide for more transactions than say Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Still one of the highest indications of value of any kind of money or any kind of potential investment is how much are people using it.

Now, Steem is 34 on the market cap and value, but it is number one in terms of how many transactions are actually taking place on it.

That's really, really good because people are using Steem. With way fewer users, a fraction of the users of Bitcoin, Steem has way more transactions. If Steem had the same number of users as Bitcoin, it would have a hundreds of times more transactions.

This is good because the value of these currencies is, the true value comes back to who's using them.

Regardless of whether it's a store of value or not, the true value is how many people are using them.

How many people have wallets?

How many people are making actual transactions?

Because the store of value comes and goes. As long as people are using a currency that's what gives it value.

Now, this is just scratching the surface.

In terms of data, in my opinion, the most compelling thing about Steem is that there's a high level of activity on the blockchain, which shows true value. The blockchain is active, but the question is, what is going on on the blockchain?

Now, here's what takes Steem into a whole other level.

Steem is ten times better than Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not even relevant when we get people using Steem because Bitcoin has transaction fees.

Bitcoin is slow.

Bitcoin does not do anything except send money back and forth.

Steem is a blockchain that also has a built-in blogging and social media network component. This is what makes it incredible. All with no transaction fees. The new Steem is primarily paid out to authors.

That means this blockchain, unlike most of the others, pays out most of the rewards, most of the new Steem that's created, are paid out in exchange for adding value directly to the blockchain.

There are thousands of authors just like me publishing new posts on Steem every day that continues to build the value of this blockchain. This blockchain builds itself as well as any other blockchain in the world, if not better.

It also pays interest.

If you have a Bitcoin in a wallet, no interest. Steem has about two percent interest, which is a lot more than nothing. If you have Bitcoin in a wallet, you'd love to get two percent interest on it and just hold on to that.

Not only does this blockchain pay out for publishing, just by voting up and discovering the best posts, rewards are earned just for voting posts up and even commenting. This is outstanding.

Now, this accounts for a lot of the transactions on Steem or upvotes of posts. A lot of the transaction are posts themselves and comments which is good because there's an incentive to keep using this on a daily basis.

Now, the opportunity with Steem and the $25,000,000 is to become the largest single investor in Steem.

You've got this far in and we are now at the key point here. The opportunity is to become the number one single investor in Steem.

That can be done for about 25 million dollars assuming the price doubles as a result simply of buying so much Steem.

That's the opportunity, to become the number one.

The current number one account outside of the official Steemit account is @Freedom, which has about 15 Gigavests, which is 7,311,309.699 Steem, powered up as of today.

To become the number one investor in Steem, by far ten million Steem Power or Steem powered up into Steem Power would do it.

That would equal about 20 Gigavests and that would put the number one account. That's the opportunity, to become number one in Steem.

Now a guy did this with Bitcoin early on when the Bitcoin price was something like $10 dollars. One investor bought a lot of Bitcoin, something like 20 million dollars, something like that. I don't have the exact numbers, but one large investor bought a whole bunch, a huge amount of Bitcoin when it was at a very low price. That investor now probably has billions of dollars of Bitcoin.

The same opportunity exists for Steem and I'm going to say with confidence that almost all of these other blockchains will be complete failures within three to five or ten years because of lack of user adoption. Lack of user adoption will make everything else irrelevant that the blockchain does, and the blockchain with the most users wins.

Bitcoin is the blockchain with the most users currently. Ethereum, I believe, is the blockchain with the second-most users.

However, Steem is on pace to pass all these other blockchains by far.


Because on Steem we can actually blog and get paid directly. Steem is building and growing itself and I haven't even gotten into one of the best parts about this, the smart media tokens that will allow the power of Steem to be integrated with existing websites, which will make mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through Steem extremely likely.

The opportunities to be the number one investor in Steem before another number one investor figures this out, and by number one I mean someone putting twenty plus million into Steem.

The first one who puts twenty plus million into Steem will receive nearly all of the rewards. The second one who puts twenty to fifty million into Steem will receive a fraction of the return and the influence that the first one gets, and this is simply because of supply and demand.

On the Steem markets right now, there are two main places to get Steem: Poloniex and Bittrex.

The first place is Poloniex and if you go to the Poloniex account on Steem at, you will see that the largest single share of Steem is available on Poloniex.

That means that if you want to buy up Steem and get started investing, you can go on the exchange Poloniex because there's 19 million Steem.

The number 2 place is on Bittrex, and according to the wallet today,, Bittrex has also 19 million Steem on it.

That means getting Steem, you end up going through Bittrex or Poloniex. These are the two primary places to buy Steem.

Now, you see that the biggest issue in actually getting started with this investment is blowing the price up during buying in. With buying 10 million plus Steem, that will remove a huge amount of the available supply from the market and that single-handedly will drive the price up a lot and at the same time, you wouldn't want to drive the price up too much getting started.

There are only two main places, and just a few others, but the two main places to get Steem are Bittrex and Poloniex, and right now there's only a few million dollars a day of total transactions.

Just buying a few hundred thousand dollars of Steem every day, which would be necessary, to buy in overtime with twenty million dollars over several months, you need to buy probably at least a hundred thousand a day. That's something that can be done without moving the price too much immediately, but over time it will continue to raise the price.

Just buying this much Steem off of these exchanges will raise the price by itself by significantly lowering supply. However, done properly, it won't raise the price too much if done consistently over time instead of buying all in at once.

That said, after most of the Steem has been bought, one single buy could be done to intentionally raise the price a whole bunch, say buying a five hundred thousand or just buy all the orders off, and then keep buying them off for a few days and make that final buy where the then price ends up going up a bunch.

The first big investment that goes through and does this will get a really good deal, but once that 10 million or 20 million Steem has been bought off the market, and then another investor wants to come in, the price will probably be, instead of what it is today at about a dollar, the price for whoever wants to buy it next will probably be two to five plus dollars, and therefore, the money won't go nearly as far.

What the first one who buys 20 million dollars’ worth of Steem will get is to be number one investor. The second person that wants to invest or venture capital firm, whatever, that wants to put in a big investment will probably have to pay three to five times as much to get the exact same amount. Therefore, this is the only one person or firm, which will be able to make this investment to become the number one investor.

Why would you want to become the number one investor in Steem?

Unlike just holding Bitcoin where if we hold Bitcoin, let's say we put 20 million dollars into Bitcoin, that does almost nothing for us. We buy 20 million dollars of Bitcoin, which the market might not even hardly notice, 20 million dollars of Bitcoin being bought in one day because the volume is six plus billion a day right now.

The entire hope of buying Bitcoin is that the price goes up. The bad thing, Bitcoin in a wallet does nothing else for an investor. If the price goes down, money is lost. If the price goes up, money is made.

Just having Bitcoin in a wallet does almost no good and many of these other currencies work the same way.

Dash, which I promoted when it was $10, has a very good system. If you have a bunch of Dash in a wallet and you put it into a masternode, it actually does pay about 6% interest. That has been one of the key factors that has helped Dash to have such a high market valuation.

Steem, by comparison, offers way more opportunities as an investor to meet all of the criteria I set out before. is one of the top-ranked websites in the world and the main user interface for the Steem blockchain. has consistently increased with huge spikes coming when the price increases as new users join rapidly and try to share in the huge earnings.

Just buying at 20 million dollars’ worth of Steem likely would generate another huge price increase as the rewards go up on Steem, and then that will lead to a huge traffic increase.

I will show you inside here how all this works together because that's what's amazing.

Now, here's the actual user experience.

This is my blog on starting with my first post.

This is why Steem is incredible as a blockchain, when on Steem we can actually make posts, and then the author rewards that are paid out on Steem are paid out on individual posts.

Going through on each of these individual posts, then you can see that I've been earning money for making posts on Steem. In other words, all I need to do is blog on Steem and I earn Steem.

For the masses, Steem is by far the best opportunity to get involved with crypto. The masses are the billions of people on this planet, and 99% of people on this planet have no use for Bitcoin because they don't have any money to put into Bitcoin, and if you don't have any money to put into Bitcoin it's not completely, but fairly useless.

That's the same thing with most of these other blockchains because if you don't have any money to put into them, to speculate on their future value, they are mostly useless.

Steem sitting down here discreetly at 34, anyone can join Steem for free and start earning Steem by making posts, and then, in turn, those posts on Steem draw more people to, which draws more user sign-ups, which draws more investment in Steem.

The beauty of Steem is the ability to allow anyone on Earth to just join in for free and start earning money on it. That's why this is an incredible investment because this is the one cryptocurrency that has true mass adoption potential.

This is the one currency that has the ability for anyone to just join in and get started without having to invest money and providing the ability to make money.

You can see that most of these posts I've written, have made anywhere from fifty to several hundred dollars, to a few thousand on some of the posts.

Now, I also invested, I sold all of my other investments. I sold everything I had and bought into Steem, plus I've devoted my business and videos to Steem over the last several months.

I'm grateful I have a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of Steem today.

In my mind Steem is already worth $10. In my mind, the true value is about $10 for one Steem based on everything I've shown and I am showing. Therefore, I've got effectively a million dollars already worth of Steem and that's how I act today with it.

What I earn today is incredible when you multiply by ten and the huge opportunity with Steem is to be in on it before many other big investors figure this out.

As with Bitcoin now, all kinds of investors with lots of money are just figuring Bitcoin out, but Bitcoin has been out almost nine years.

Bitcoin has been out a long time, but Steem is relatively new. It's about a year and a half old and it's already proven itself through horrible ups and downs. If you look at the charts all-time, Steem went from as high as $4 to down as much as 8 cents and what's incredible is that Steem survived that drop.

Most of these currencies today have not been tested through a drop like that. Bitcoin went through a great drop from about $800 or $1,000 down to $170. The question is will most of these currencies survive a drop like Steem did.

Steem already has survived an about 95% drop, from 4 dollars down to 8 cents. Over 90% of the value lost, and in fact, significantly more than that lost, and then it has come back and very easily it can go up a few dollars.

In terms of just pure speculation, it's awesome, but here's one of the very best things. If you're the top investor in Steem, you see these posts on my blog here?

How do these posts earn money?

These posts earn money by upvotes. If you scroll up to the top of my blog, what you will see is that I have a voting power here.

In other words, my vote is worth a certain amount. Right here, it says today my vote is worth $8.61.

That's how much my vote is worth because I have about $100,000 of Steem. Well, do the math on that, multiply by 100.

That's how much you'd have with about 10 million Steem. A vote would be worth about $860.

We can make 10 of these votes every single day. That means that with being the number one investor in Steem at the current price, we have the ability as the number one investor on Steem to upvote about $1,000 ten times a day.

That's $10,000 a day, that the number one investor can decide who gets it.

That's huge influence and power, but not just that, you get to earn curation rewards on top of that. That means when I upvote posts by others, when I upvote a post for $8.61, I actually get anywhere from a few cents to as much as a dollar or two back to my own account.

I will show you that, it's in the curation rewards.

With about a hundred thousand dollars in Steem Power, I earned about a hundred dollars’ worth of Steem Power in the last week, just voting up posts by others.

That multiplied by ten sounds pretty nice. Multiply that by ten that's a thousand. That's ten thousand dollars a week at the current value of Steem Power, just for upvoting posts.

Now, compare that to having Bitcoin in a wallet.

That means you can go to publish a post and upvote your own post. I will show you how I voted up my own post because it's only logical. You vote your own posts up, and then you are able to actually give yourself rewards based on your own vote. Now, that's outstanding!

Of course, you wouldn't just want to make ten posts every day and give it all back to yourself because we can do a lot of good by voting up posts from others.

Let's take a look at this last post, which got a few thousand votes on here and if you look on it, then I'm one of the top voters on it. I gave myself about $8 of the rewards on this post.

I can give myself right now $8 + a day by making just one post and voting it up with the maximum possible of $80+ daily if I made 10 posts and voted them all up. That means the number one investor on Steem gets a publishing platform that can put out at the current value of Steem about $1,000 a day if just one vote a day was used on posts made by the investor and up to $10,000 a day if all votes were used..

Now, multiply the value of Steem by ten and that's $10,000 for one post a day and $100,000 for ten posts a day and/or combined voting power given to others. Let's take the example if we're an individual investor for this, that the company and everything is all about us, we can then start a blog on Steem, buy 20 million dollars’ worth of Steem, and then make one post a day and vote it up, and give about a thousand dollars a day.

Now, that combines extremely well with getting noticed on Steem. Right now, if a post gets voted up $500 a day, that's enough to be the top trending post on Steem.

In other words, being the number one investor on Steem would guarantee a number one spot with every single post in the Trending page. Every single post would go to number one in the Trending page. Now, that's a lot of power and therefore a lot of responsibility.

Right now Steem has about 460,000 users all over the globe.

As Steem continues to get bigger, being number one on the Trending page just by itself, is huge influence and attention. If you look at this post that's number one on the Trending page, it has received two thousand views on it in the first 24 hours.

Being at the top of the Trending page is good for hundreds, if not thousands of views right now, and if Steem continues to grow, it will continue to be good for soon, ten to a hundred thousand views.

As Steem continues to grow, being the number one investor on Steem will provide a huge publishing platform, and that publishing platform will provide huge additional opportunities.

When we combine all of this together, it's just a ridiculously good opportunity, but to be the number one investor is only available for whoever takes a shot at before the price blows up.

If someone new shows up on this first page, some of the existing investors may also want to buy in more. What we're looking at is exchanges like Bittrex, which for the last several months it's been very easy to buy Steem, we could easily buy thousands a day without moving the price too much.

As the Steem starts getting bought off these exchanges, the volume will go up and you're looking very easily to see $10 plus Steem price just with reducing the amount of Steem on there, and then all these other opportunities combined, just make an absolutely incredible opportunity.

I've presented the pitch here today on behalf of any investor that wants to have a chance to meet all of the objectives I shared before, to have an investment that does much more than just makes money, and becoming the top investor in Steem is a gigantic opportunity today.

An opportunity in terms of profit, an opportunity in terms of influence, an opportunity in terms of all of these things that I've shared up here. This investment meets all of these: profit and do good. I think Steem has the potential to do a ton of good in the world by allowing us each to share and connect more deeply and honestly.

Talk about leaving a legacy, being the top poster on Steem early on, being the number one in the Trending page, being the number one investor, is a huge legacy, a huge opportunity for recognition and a huge opportunity for influence.

What I've shown you is fully transparent. Anyone can easily look much deeper into everything I've mentioned. You don't have to take my word for any of this. Anyone can look and see more and more data on this, the user data, who's already invested, the prices, any of this.

The best part of investing in Steem is liquidity and utility.

Let's say that after putting 20 million dollars in and the price goes up to $20, you want to take 1% out?

Want to cash out 400,000 one week?

That's relatively easy to do. It can be withdrawn at any time.

It's extremely useful, it allows for doing a whole lot of good.

That's why I think this is by far the best 25 million dollar investment available in the world. It offers so much and someone is definitely going to do this.

The question is, who will it be?

Probably millions of people are going to see this among all of the platforms I am publishing it on from Steem to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The question is, who's going to go in for that number one spot before the cost becomes prohibitive? @freedom has it today and for $25 million anyone can go for it with a good shot of securing it with over 10 million Steem power pessimistically assuming the price nearly doubling during the buying in process.

When the price of Steem goes up to $10, beating @freedom out of the #1 spot will cost over 80 million USD instead of 20 or 25. At $20 Steem, which I believe is very likely within the next year, getting more Steem power than @freedom will cost $160+ million.

Thank you for getting all the way to the end of this, this is an amazing amount of time and energy.

If you've got all the way to the end of this post and you say, "Yes. I want to do this, I've got the money, but I don't know how to buy Bitcoin," or, "I don't know how to buy Steem. I don't know how to set up an account. How do I keep it secure?"

I've shown how to do all of this on my blog on Steem. I've got everything you need. I've got all the tutorials to go through and buy all this, and I'm putting all that up soon into one post. Anyone can see exactly how to do all these different things.

I show 8 different exchanges we can use to buy in with US dollars or other currencies at which can then be followed by using Blocktrades or Changelly to convert Bitcoin to Steem.

If you'd like to communicate directly with the Steemit team, Andrew Levine is your point man because he is the community manager at Steemit, Inc. You can reach him at

Thank you very much for reading this.

I love you.

You're awesome.

I hope this has been helpful for you and I hope you have a wonderful day today with all this information in mind.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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Amazing break down on the Value of Steem. I have 25% of what you have and I'm very excited.


Do your own research. Look at ETC and LTC and DASH and a long list of other crytpos that are doing better and trending better than STEEM.

@jerrybanfield I believe all what you say here is definitely what will happen. You have summerized all the great things of the steem blockchain and steemit for the investor, which will definitely be seen by thousands of people on all the social media platforms you are using. Hope the message gets into as many people as possible, and that the right person gets the message and pass it on to the real investor, so finally we get this 20 million dollar investor, that will make the price of steem to $10 or even $20 within next year.
What I would add to all that you mentioned in monetary terms (that is impressive and true), is what @teamsteem mentions in several of his posts and specially on welcome to steem it, where he mentions @dan and @dantheman vision for steem, of @freedom for people, of giving people the control and power again, that is were it belongs too.

Upvoted and Resteemed. @gold84

By comparison, Bitcoin is as high as it's ever been before and many of these other currencies here are as high as they've ever been before. That's generally a terrible time to invest.

Steem meanwhile is at 25% of what the maximum price has already been before, it’s clearly proven that it has much more upward potential than it is at right now.

Sir, i believe that if some cryptocurrency is at its highest ever, it doesn't mean that it is a terrible time to invest in it. This cannot be the basis of comparison as when ethereum first hit $10, it was not a terrible time to invest in it. The basis should be on future applications and media attention and marketing it may get in future.
But otherwise, completely agree with the post. A good one as always.


I think a lot of people are waiting on the sidelines to buy into Steem until the price actually proves that it can go up. All it has done so far is go down, or hover at round a dollar, and until it can prove gains, and keep those gains... people just aren't going to take it seriously @jerrybanfield. 🐳


Everytime is a good time to invest. Dollar cost average, my friends.


For a crypto that is slowly declining every month, you can't dollar cost average your way to success.


This reply was in reference to Bitcoin, which is actually doing the exact opposite of "slowly declining". What crypto are you referring to?


I saw good investment strategy: 50% in bitcoin, and 50% you spread among 3-5 coins who recently lost 10%, and then after you bought them, you sell at price + 10%.


First of all, great work on putting so much time in creating this content. I spent a lot of time reading all this and I can imagine how long you have taken to write it:)

Jerry, you are one of our voices for the SteemIt platform. We need you to continue marketing Steemit everywhere. We also need to create a post where we all upvote so we can gather funding for marketing as I think we have been doing before with you.

Most importantly, we need to diversify our strategies. Since you are influential we need you to reach out to famous people in Hollywood that will start using steemit. We need famous celebrities to start using it because not only they have a lot of money to invest but they also have a lot of followers and influential power to reach out to more people than we can.

With all that said, we are counting on you to reach out to famous people because they will increase the popularity of steem at a much faster rate.

Thank you Jerry! :)

Unlimited supply.

Хорошая новость, Джери . Спасибо тебе!

I've been looking forward to a new one of these, after having watched the last two long videos you did on Steem more times than I can remember! I completely agree with you. Steem is a contrarian investment at the moment, and is really flying under the radar, which you can see by the low volume. Once that picks up it's going to shock the world.

really amazing Jerry! so well written and so clear and i really am inspired!!! :))) xxx

Good tutorial, @jerrybanfield. Thank you for sharing this. Now to get that $25 million and invest in Steem!

The inflation amount of new coins needs to be reduced or something for the price to go up thats the one thing Steem has going against it compared to others its like FIAT it just keeps printing!


I agree. The reason steem has been staying at around a dollar is because of the inflation rate. There needs to be a maximum cap of steem just like there is for bitcoin and then the paying system needs to change. I am not sure if that is possible though. Maybe a different steem token can be created, just like there is steem dollar maybe there could be another token that has a max cap that represents steem and the actual steem token used for steempower can be reduced on how many are being created.


Steem inflation rate is lower than many altcoins in the top 20.
The real reason why the price is not increasing is that people still believe in this myth that steem has more inflation...

Value doesn't come from scarcity it comes from utility,utility creates real scarcity, a coin with a max cap but no use is worthless.


Thank you for your response! I guess if we have even 1 tenth of the users facebook has the steem token would surely be worth well over a few dollars if not many many dollars.


STEEMIT is not on track to ever have 1/10 the subs of FB. The site has been static at 25K daily engaged users for more than 3 months

STEEM price is slowly decaying away versus other cryptos due to lack of attention paid to STEEMIT, and lack of attention and success in growing STEEMIT, as evidence by pablopenguins analysis of site traffic.

Sorry to burst your bubble.


Agreed with @snowflake. The reason for STEEM price not going anywhere is the utility of the coin is marginal at best. Everything has been bet SMTs to provide utility. The market is going to be much more mature, with many coins having solidly established and working use cases, by the time SMTs become available on STEEM.

STEEM team has bet the farm on SMTs. IF they don't work out, STEEM is just a repeat of Had a great leadership position with 100 billion USD potential, but blew it and watched others take over the market leader position

Articles like these are the reason i voted for you as witness!

@jerrybanfield I like your thinking and I do think that STEEM Token price will be between $5-$7 within a year. This is only my opinion not Investment Advice. I will keep adding to my STEEM on a regular basis. Jerry you have got me thinking about how Positive that this would be for maybe someone who has lots of Bitcoin doing Nothing to shift to STEEMIT.

Great analysis. Totally agree. Also If an ecommerce site for the steemit community goes live, this would provide huge utility for the steemit community. And as mentioned previously, some small discrete advertising on the site would be great. Jerry is great!

The transactions and block chain adoption are great points. It's one of the main reasons I am a big fan and have Steem as opposed to some other alts. Most of those hover in the wishes and promises sector while Steem is a functioning application providing value today, rather than rewarding speculation.

Really worth reading, keep making these!

Definitely some undetermined altcoin.

Can you make a video of how to make great content?

@jerrybanfield This is a great concept. However, not many people have 25 million laying around. Even so, if someone with that amount of money were to invest, then they would dictate what goes on. Wouldn't this make things more difficult for the rest of us on Steemit?

You said you have 100k in Steem. How much money did you put into the currency? It would be very helpful for aspiring authors if you were to share how we could get started by investing.

I don't have 25 million. I don't have 1 million. I don't have 100k. I barely have 1,000. However, there must be an effective strategy to start with a few hundred dollars and build it up.

I look forward to reading the replies of anyone with insight.

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman


Take your $1000, put $250 into each of BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH. Your money will quadruple by EOY 2019 and you will have $4000 at that point.

That is the best way to turn your $1000 in $4000 in next 24 months


Yes, I think that is a good strategy. However, I think there is something to be said about Steem.

It may never be a large crypto currency but investing in it can really help bring more traffic to your blog.

Therefore, it can be great advertising. The question is what’s the best way to do that and make sure you get some rewards as well. Thus, ending up with free advertising and a better blog following.

Lets hope Steem reaches $50 - $100 within the coming year !

i have a thought that bitcoin owner want to control whole world. No one not know about real owner of bitcoin.If it will crashed or default his worth will be unbelievable
any one can give me answer that my thought is correct or not

Hey @jerrybanfield,

I agree with you. A $20 million investment into Steem would benefit not only the investor but everyone involved. Such an investment would attract a fair amount of attention and more and more people would be tempted to get involved.

Keep up the good work.


Going Places (Red) 450 x 100px.png


Jerry, you've convinced me.

I'm going to start buying $250,000 steem every day until I become the number one investor. when I get to the magic $20m I will sell everything, buy an evil scientists lair in the side of a mountain somewhere in the alps and retreat to consider my total domination of the world.

To be honest,

even though I've steemposted every day since MAY and have almost 1200 followers, I still struggle to get a few dollars per post. I do ok with writing competitions though.. usually win something every week. In the meantime, I have found online trading of a multitude of coins to be incredibly interesting and rewarding.

You're right about steemit.

It's the facebookredditgram of the future and anyone here now is a true pioneer. I would imagine my meagre 770 steem will be worth times 10 in less than 5 years. I'm trying to add it up but I also can't help wanting to pop some over into even lower value coins to get a bump off the pump.
I can see your point. Steemit will prevail, many poocoins will disappear.

I also read on medium very compelling evidence to support the theory that bitcoindiamond is a total swizz.

and for the first time ever I noticed tokenspam. 777 useless INSP tokens in my ethereum wallet. This space is beginning to resemble the larger internet with it's clickbait, crappy ads and dodgy websites offering nothing but shennigans. stay frosty. seen as how you wield such a mighty steem sword, perhaps you could write a nice article about the dangers of such dubious and often potentially pocket emptying ventures.
good day !

Well I am really hopeful about Steemit.
And lets not this hope slip from our hands :)

temenlimiz steemit yukarlarda olması bizimde steemitte paylaşimlardan para kazanmamız

Steem to the moon

What an essay! I agree with, it'll be game changer if someone put a lot of money into Steem coins. But, the Steem needs to scale. It can't just pump. (even if we're all hoping for this).

Thanks for being so passionate about Steem. You're a strength for the community mate! :)

Upvoted! interesting as always !

Insightful, thanks for sharing it.

Your posts are usually long, but worth the time of readers.

Thank you @jerrybanfield for sharing this video

sounds good to me

Yep yep yep just powered up a bit today myself.

I just wish I had the $20million. I wish. Thanks @jerrybanfield. God bless you.

Well @jerrybanfield, If I had 20 million in my back pocket, I might just be your girl. Fascinating logic and explanation. As always, you are a Steem Jedi. Thanks for educating the rest of us :)

Does anyone here have 25 million?

Very useful review about invest on gonna day trade for steem.

Optimism is your strong side Jerry, and you've found convincing arguments. Let's keep the spirits that high.

In my mind Steem is already worth $10. In my mind, the true value is about $10 for one Steem based on everything I've shown and I am showing. Therefore, I've got effectively a million dollars already worth of Steem and that's how I act today with it.

Bitcoin had a greater rise in the year 2017. Looking at the crypto world, there are loads of ICOs coming up with the intention of becoming like bitcoin.
Steem is a great crypto plus a fascinating social media too...Steem would make a major hit in 2018.
It is relatively new as you well highlighted.
Awesome writeup. Steem would steam up the world soonest.

Quite detailed. I never new Steem experienced a dip as low as 8 cents before. What shows how strong a man is, is how he responds when he falls. I think that thought can be applied to cryptos, Steem is indeed strong to be were it is today.

I consistently learn new and useful information from your posts like the fact that Steem has the most used blockchain. I don't have much time with a full time job and other committments to do the type of research you have. It is definitely nice to have you and several other bloggers on Steemit I am subscribed to keep me up to date on things. Thank-you!

thanks @jerrybanfield....doing great job

Amazing 🙂 and very nice post ☺ thank you for this information .
Everytime is a decent time to contribute. Dollar cost normal, my companions.

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One day steem would be 2 digit and we would all get tons of dollars !!!

Good job jerrybanfield.keep it up.i follow you.Thanks alot.

One fine day steem would be double digit and we would be making tons of dollars !!!

Crypto drop this morning..
I think can stabil or rising at last week again.

Buy Steem together!

I'll be more frank and direct than in some of my previous responses.

STEEM is never going to be a major player in crypto market. There are better options out there, that are focused on solving real life issues that are getting better traction than STEEM.

STEEM was 20th at one point, has dropped to 34th, and within 6 months will be below 50.

The worst news from your perspective - a potential big winner in crypto space is going to be DASH.

Hindsight is always perfect - and in hindsight you shouldn't have sold your DASH masternode.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Not wishing ill tidings.

Just giving you a warning that you are tilting at windmills.

Keep tilting if it makes you feel good, but it won't get you rich in the long term.


@davebrewer what does make you think this about steem? I see that steem is one of the most used blockchains in number of users. Adoption is very important to accomplis this and @jerrybanfield mentions this. Also, steem vision of freedom and empowering people, banking the unbanked, the SMTs, don't you consider those factors? Also, there are huge teams of people working on the steem blockchain, on steemit, and know with @utopian-io rewards are getting very well for people who contribute with quality inputs. I think your opinion on this well centered can be very helpful. @gold84

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This Very informative post only convince me more and more that this is where we have to put time, effort and money in.
It will be HUGE !!!

wow thats a lot of money to keep in a steemit account. mabe the reason steem price dont go up is that many people are cashing out.


Greetings to you sir,I believe in's a hope to good life , i keep my trusting on this golden community .i agree with you.thank you very much for all this qualities informations.thank you again

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Is it better to buy Steem, Steem Dollar, or Steem Power?

Can't this be purchase directly within the Steemit wallet through BlockTrades?

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.10.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.11.41 PM.png

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman


So, @JerryBanfield, What's the verdict?
Steem, Steem Dollar, or Steem Power?

nice post jerry i need more steem power power up soon steem to the moon

Amazing. Always active. Thank.

thanks for you nice info big brother....

That's an interesting theory @jerrybanfield and being that @steemit is a revolutionary platform I can see how $10 isn't far fetched. I appreciate you detailing what the #1 spot is according to the value at the current price. I'm new to steem got approved 2 days ago so i'm still learning the terminology and the difference between steem, steem power, and how it all works. Your videos really do help. Thanks and Peace

Bittrex 100000000 +++++

Holy crap...what a post. Initially I was thinking you were putting together an investment group to buy up STEEM until I realized it was a marketing piece.

Well thought out and put together.

Personally, I think your numbers are off. I foresee $100 STEEM a year from now. There simply is too much going on for it not to explode. Plus, I read that over 70% of the STEEM is held in SP...meaning it is basically off the market.

To me, that means the liquidity isnt there which will force a massive price increase once the frenzy starts. SMTs will provide the publicity needed to make this thing jump.

At present, even though the transactions are the most of any blockchain, the development is still lagging...the apps on here require a working out of the will get done just takes time. Plus the open source code that is being worked on by will mean a lot of other developers can enter this blockchain and get stuff running quickly.

Thanks for all you do.

Excellent point about the value of the blockchain being derived by usage not nominal price. One of your more thought-provoking posts @jerrybanfield. Thanks for all your work on Steemit.

@jerrybanfield, what do you think about It's an investment fund making 3%+ per day. I have recently invested 300$ to try it out and everything about it seems totally legitimate. I am currently making close to 100000 satoshi daily with the 300$ invested...about a 1/3rd of that on the weekends. If you haven't already checked it out, please use this link, they have an awesome affiliate program as well. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Amazing break down on the Value of Steem. I have 25% of what you have and I'm very excited

Good tutorial...!!

Two points I fully agree with:

1 .

Still one of the highest indications of value of any kind of money or any kind of potential investment is how much are people using it.

2 .

That's really, really good because people are using Steem. With way fewer users, a fraction of the users of Bitcoin, Steem has way more transactions. If Steem had the same number of users as Bitcoin, it would have a hundreds of times more transactions.
This is good because the value of these currencies is, the true value comes back to who's using them.
That's really, really good because people are using Steem. With way fewer users, a fraction of the users of Bitcoin, Steem has way more transactions. If Steem had the same number of users as Bitcoin, it would have a hundreds of times more transactions.
This is good because the value of these currencies is, the true value comes back to who's using them.

One point I fully disagree:

Steem meanwhile is at 25% of what the maximum price has already been before, it’s clearly proven that it has much more upward potential than it is at right now.


You cannot compare past price caused spececulants with grow potential, it has got amazing growth potential even, if Steem never reached 4$ price in the past.

Looking at charts is very misleading.

So huge text...!!!

I really appreciate your efforts towards exposure of Steem from History-Current-Future potentials.

Helpful. Thanks.

Wow...this is amazing photo you have shared..all the best in this contest

you can buy golos?

Great breakdown. I am new to understanding all this and this actually answered a few questions very well. I am curious if you had any tips on how to be successful on here as a photographer?

Very useful info Jerry! Thanks. Upvote!

This is a very helpfull article thank.