How Is The Value of a Post Calculated?

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You might have noticed that the dollar value at the bottom of your Steem posts fluctuates from day to day within the first 7 days. This is because the price is just an estimate calculated with the quantity of STEEM that the post has earned, and the average market value over 3.5 days. For example, if your post has earned 1 STEEM and the market value of STEEM is at $3, then the post will display $3.00. However, if the 3.5 day average price of STEEM doubles, your post value will double too!

This is also the reason why your vote value changes from day to day, even if your voting power and SP stay the same.

This was one of the shorter topics to explain, but let me know if didn’t make sense in the comments.

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Thank for sharing!!!

Keep it up!

Thanks for watching! :D

Couldn't get any videos to load yesterday :( Watched this morning. Ahh, another aspect of Steem that is a little confusing at first. I remember being a bit disheartened watching votes go up but value go down when the price is shifting. I wonder if it could be a moving 7 days to make it even more stable, I've not looked into it but as with the other nuances I assume there is probably a reason for 3.5 I haven't thought about yet.

Haha yeah, after your explanation of how @dan has thought of everything, I'm starting to question when I disagree with an aspect of the platform too :P Definitely too complicated though!

That's weird DTube wasn't working for you yesterday! Utopian won't work for me this week. I've been talking with one of the devs on Discord and it seems like I'm the only one having a problem.

Thanks for the info Jeff. Very useful to a newbie like me!

Glad I could help!

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