Brightburn - I could have been a contender.

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When I first heard about the movie Brightburn, I was very excited. A Superman origin story featuring a character that ultimately becomes evil as opposed to good. Now that is fascinating.


This story follows all of the same Superman cliches. A young boy crashes on a farm and is raised by country parents who hide his spaceship from him until the proper time, and try to teach him to be a respectful young man. However, this young boy is an outcast instead of an easily accepted person like Superman was.

He does not like his classmates. He does not fit in well. He does not feel comfortable in this world.

Eventually he finds his spaceship and becomes frustrated and angry with his parents for not telling him about it. Additionally, he starts to get all of these random violent thoughts that seem to be coming either from the spaceship or from some other place like it. They might be his thoughts and they might not be. These thoughts are saying things like “take the world, take over the world.”

He invents a superhero type character for himself - presumably imagining himself as a hero in a world that just simply sucks. This is because he has decided that people suck. It's almost like he's decided that people aren't people. Or at the very least they aren't his people or even creatures that should be treated any differently than you might treat cattle.

I really did like the movie, but I will say that the main problem is the abrupt ending. Without giving too much away... the ending is sort of like this:

This kid kills a whole lot of people in some incredibly gory ways. The kid then flys up into the air and says “I'm Brightburn Bitches... deal with me!!”

That's not exactly what happens though.

Yes, this movie is a bloodfest. It is very much like a B-movie and I like that because you know I love those kind of B-movie slasher flicks. I find them to be kind of funny, and while this movie isn't necessarily funny it definitely has that same vibe to it.

It's good. It's a good movie. However it ends without any resolution whatsoever.

So it's an origin story for Brightburn, yet he is not in anyone's universe. This is a problem because there may not be another Brightburn movie. Unless some kind of agreement is made, it's likely that nothing will come from this ending. What a waste.

What if after the kid flew up into the air and did his thing, it then showed Peter Parker looking up from his desk in class with this look on his face like he knew something was up... you’d know then that someone was going to deal with Brightburn.

That would have been epic instead of abrupt and empty.

As it stands, Brightburn is a good movie with a bad ending. However, if some other character is brought into the next movie and deals with Brightburn then I will have to change that just say that overall it’s just an amazing movie.

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