Would a simple Post "captcha" Get Rid of All The Bots?

in steem •  5 months ago

Would a simple post "captcha" get rid of all the bots? And would getting rid of all the bots on Steemit be a good idea?

I will use MS Paint to draw a technical diagram now...


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what do you think @jbgarrison72?

would you really like all bots to be gone? Dont you think that it would mean that this place will turn into ghost town even more? After all many bots out there are very useful.



Many are useful, but their usefulness isn't game breaking if it's lost. On the other hand, the damage that bots have caused by making "regular" community participants go dormant for lack of engagement has killed the "new user" / minnow interest level in this platform.

And actually, I phrased my OP wrong... what I meant was to have a captcha' required for users to upvote/downvote.


hi @jbgarrison72

I really love how responsive you are. Indeed steemit needs more people like you and I :)


Great illustration. The bots can be quite annoying for sure, but some of them help the community as well. Cheeta's been on to me when I've been reposting some stories from my site, and it was irritating to begin with, but it really does a good job on keeping the originality on Steemit on a high level. Other similar sites like Sola.foundation and Minds.com have more stolen works than real artists, and it makes the sites a lot less interesting. But indeed, some of the bots can be very annoying :D


Thanks, I've been dinged mistakenly by a bot before also. :D