Get On Steem! (Break Out Alert)

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Cryptocurrencies are truly a remarkable phenomena. There is literally no other industry in the world as innovative, dynamic or exciting as cryptocurrency. Sure blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are easily able to lure people in with the dream of becoming a millionaire out of nothing, never the less there is some serious opportunity and innovation that cloud computer processing and all this code actually provide. It is an intrinsic value that is not going to disappear anytime soon.

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In the last 9 months, anyone who has been trading cryptocurrency like myself over the last 4 or 5 years has had their expectations turned upside down on their heads after many cryptocurrencies that seemed like they were fading into oblivion actually broke out and did a hundred times their value this year, in some cases a few markets did over a thousand times the value as we saw in markets such as XRP and DGB. Although not every single Market is going to have those kinds of returns and it would be unreasonable to expect that, one thing the crypto currency industry has taught me which I should point out now cryptocurrency is worth over a half a trillion dollars collectively among all of the almost 1,400 coins is that, as a trader I should look past my own expectations and try to gauge the future potential by the past market history.

STEEM clearly has a resistance level around 85 to 100 000 Satoshi and at this point i'm going to go out on a limb and say STEEM has at this point in time Consolidated enough that this could actually be the big run to 500000 everyone in the community has been dreaming about. The reason why I'm saying 500,000 is because from 100 to 500000 is uncharted territory for Steam and the amount of energy it will take for STEEM to push upwards to 500,000 will be the amount of energy it took steam to push past a hundred thousand. Since I'm able to anticipate the future based on the past history of cryptocurrency, i'm starting to recognize that there is a value in a long-term holds or swing trading markets I actually believe in the product or technology for such as STEEM. I believe the consolidation period for STEEM is now at an end and over the next couple of weeks STEEM is about to experience unprecedented growth which can only be predicted by every single other market outbreak to date leading up to the point where steam is now finally solid enough that the people who are holding the biggest amounts of this crypto should feel comfortable pushing past 100,000 on this run and not over selling before. I do not believe the order books for selling are very well-established in STEEM markets over a hundred thousand on any exchange with regards to a dramatic run, therefor a spike to 500,000 could be pretty obvious if in fact sellers are not mobilized between 100 and 500000 to properly trade and experience the win fall when it occurs.

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The standard response to a coin suddenly going bananas is usually how did I miss this? STEEM has been brewing and bubbling on the back burner for a while now. Steam offers an exceptional community and outstanding developers as well as so many fantastic services the list just goes on and on. One thing that is certain, every dog gets its day. STEEM has been in a very long list of coins all waiting to get some love or attention and waiting in an even longer line, I believe STEEMS turn has come up in that Que, since let's face it, most of these other crypto markets are over inflated and the prices are completely exaggerated for many markets. Only time will tell if some of those prices are actually reasonable enough that buyers can seriously support the prices of some of these crypto. In the meantime don't say no one ever warned you about the up-and-coming STEEM rise, it's been a long time in the making.

I'll see you on the other side. Cheers!

What do you believe STEEM is capable of achieving over the next 6 months in terms of a price? Where do you see STEEM in the next 5 years?

Do you think the up-and-coming STEEM fork will play any role as the value for STEEM climbs?

I appreciate your comments and taking a second to read this post have a fantastic holiday season, DRIVE SAFE!!! ;D

Written by STEEM USER: Jazmin Million

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A lot of friends gave you good information.
These information will be of great help to all of us.
We will survive many dangers. Thank you very much for sharing so much beautiful posts
go ahead steem/sbd & i love it steemit very much .,,,,,,,@jazminmillion ........

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STEEM has been brewing and bubbling on the back burner for a while now
i like this word . tha's mean nothing impossible for newbi .
thank for share @jazminmillion

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Thank you for the information

good info bro

We have just started a new cycle, new lows and volume is coming in. We should see a nice rise.


Well said, have a good week!

Its a great bitcoin news .thanks for share

I hope your are right about STEEM'S continued and uncharted growth!


STEEM are good people, I feel great things in the works...

we go together!!! amazing project steem

oh really truth story

Successful analysis thanks Brother

i love cryptocurrency @tamim

Just now I can think just this.. that steem is soon 8$ and if it go more up then I start think something more .


Price is no object ;D


Yes :)) but sometimes high prices are scary too :))


So its 8, now what :)


YEs ... I try sell my 50 steem now... this what I think... and then I start wait 10$ or 11$ steem go up . I think Steem $ is the new line where steem go .

well information thanks for shearing

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I for one just want to take the long view. I am in accumulation mode. I try not to focus on short-term prices but on the amount I can purchase with SBD being where it is right now. I think over time Steem will do just fine so I just want to accumulate for now.


My analysis is based on accumulation and long term lol did you read the post?

Excellent work friend ... @jazmiinmillion
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