Vector Art - @jassennessaj | My Crypto Profile Picture (with Steem)

in steem •  2 months ago

I was happy I still have a copy of this amazing Steemit vector art design from a friend and a classmate for almost 5 years now. We have been in the same class as Electronics Engineering students and he was also a Steemian named - @deejee. Yes, he had fun making vector arts on his pictures and his sister. When I saw it, I immediately got the chance and requested one for me to use as a profile picture on Steemit.

It was totally overwhelming knowing the fact that it needs a thorough process to make a picture a vector art. I'm happy because this is my first vector art received and it was given free. Though I made a post for this and all of the SBD rewards gets sent to him which he was totally overwhelmed.


I am always using this as a profile picture I have in any discord servers. I find it very cute and Steem related picture. I'm savoring this picture and will be continuously using it as a profile picture on crypto-related accounts. I find it really really cute.

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The post was very nice to see a lot of pictures from the post.

Yeah, very much steem. I wonder what app was used, or was it handmade?

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Gwapohaaa gud nimo boss? Haha


Boss aysaba boss hahahaa