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People have failed to see what you did with our post that helps all of us and have kinda blindly downvoted.

@anomadsoul @howo @lordbutterfly ... did you see this and if so why the downvote?


Heya, this was an automated downvote because the post had lots of bidbots. Removed the downvote and will improve the trail.

Thanks for the heads up :)

Care to elaborate? This post has been botted to the top of trending. Is @null set as beneficiary?

Posted using Partiko Android

SPS is set as beneficiary at 100%.

You can use to view the post and view the beneficiaries (steemDAO) :)

 3 years ago (edited)

Or you can use which also displays this information and allows you to set beneficiaries 🙂

Just click on the payout amount to see a drop down:

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 4.16.53 PM.png

Was on my phone. Used partiko. Doesnt show the beneficiary.
Was surprising that Heimin would use bots. Id prefer the burn over the SPS but this is good as well.
I removed the downvote.

wow i was just reading these old posts and its an incredible view into the mechanics of steem blockchain and how the comments system is used as little mini courtroom where the executive decisions concerning upvotes and downvotes and possible downvote removal ,can be discussed. Its an APPEAL process!!!! I can tell thsi will all be formalized and I want to write a post and a Medium article about how the new steem social mechanics are working.

I feel i can go one by one to all downvoted users who feel upset at your downvotes like i once did, and explain the situation and even present them with some tokens on a per case basis, as that usually lubricates things. People just ned to understand the bigger picture. When i was forced away from bid bots, even if i never used them much, I was forced into a situation where I could argue for the purchase of SP, and thus, i received funds from a project to get 100,000 SP for their account over so the system is working. I was forced into buy Delegation which is MUCH better. Now I am addicted to delegation and dlease and now that EOS is having delegation cpu problems, im even asking @dlease @buildteam if we can add eos delegation p2p market on dlease as people are begging for eos delegation like drug addicts :D Steem can teach eos a thing or two!

We can learn a lot from the new steem social mechanics and apply lessons to other chains. We just have to not tweak but amplify a few things and let me do some damage control for anyone who is upset at a downvote. I will teach users what to do and how they can begin to promote on clicking edit > promote to burn steem and get posts ACTUALLy seen in trending and peoples tribe feeds.

I love how well this system is working! I feel we need an article on this speals process!

Woops, noted.

sure, me too

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