Vote, vote, vote!

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I want you to vote for Steem on!

The race is so close:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 18.45.35.png

I know there are almost as many posts out there as votes, but I do believe it is important to win this contest.
Getting Steem on Netcoins will get more media exposure and increase its use in retail.

How can you increase the votes?

  • Vote yourself (every 24 hrs.)
  • Get others to vote (friends, familiy, hibernating Steemians)

Personally, I have gotten a few friends to vote: Plus 2.

Voting is very easy. Just follow this link:

Vote for Steem, and do not forget to verify the vote.

Hopefully, this post will give us at least two more votes and get us back as numero uno

All new votes will get a juicy upvote.

Let's use our combined powers to bring Steem to mass adaptation!

Steem On!

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We took the lead and I am awaiting to vote again! I think we got less than 24 hrs now!




@janusface, I voted using 02 gmail addresses.

We got this in the bag :)


Sweet. I do believe we will win this.
I just voted again, +1:
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 23.39.10.png

We're back in first place! The fight for the top spot is more intense then I had anticipated it to be.


Yes, Steem has made a leap forward: 8649 vs. 8591. It is going to be close, and the community that mobilizes​ most people will win.

I am doing my part. I have three emails and I have been voting thrice a day...

We have to keep voting. It is recommended that those who are going to use different emails do so using a browser such as Tor, since voting from the same IP with different emails is canceled.






I think you also can change the IP-address​ with a VPN.
As this is kind of fake votes, I cannot recommend it:)


Of course, of course, it can not be recommended ...


In addition to the 24 hour voting rule, You can vote as many times as you have Email Addresses

One vote per email

You can use the private browser mode, use a different browser, or different computer for each email address.


You can vote using anonimous windows.

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Now we are leading the race will cast my vote once again in few hours :D