Steem On Netcoins!

in steem •  3 months ago

As a follower of @trumpman and @dragosroua I was notified about the ongoing effort to put Steem on Netcoins.

Read these posts for more info:

Let's get Steem Listed on GoNetCoins, YAY!
Let's Push STEEM To The Moon! We'll Start With Netcoins, Are You With Me?

Of course I had to vote too:

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 22.58.03.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 22.57.03.png

If you paste a link in the comment field below as proof I will give you a juicy upvote.

Let's use our combined powers to bring Steem to mass adaptation!

Steem On!

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Sweeeeetttttt, thanks for the mention :D



Good, voting your own post in the first 15 minutes now sends your curation back to the reward pool...part of HF20


Ok. Thanks for the info! Bigger reward pool then..

This is going very good ! I am #683 and will vote 5 more times next days.


Nice! I think it is possible to vote with different e-mails, but you might need to change your IP in between.

Excellent initiative. For some reason I have several emails, I'm going to vote with all of them, I hope it's not cheating. I will give Resteem too, I hope that Steem gets many votes.

Sin título.png


Sweet:) Let's hope Steem is numero uno by the end of the contest.


Nice. And another jeff:)


Friends excuse so much ignorance but how can you publish the capture? does not come out = (


You can get screen thumbnail easily using print screen button on your key board.


thanks, a million!

I voted and its Steem For The Win! @janusface


Nice! I think we got this in the bag: Congrats!

Wow Prof valuable news! Here I joined in!


Here is mine

We're almost at 600 votes now! Heres my entry:


Nice! Seems like Steem can go past Bether soon.

Here's mine :)


Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!



Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!


Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!


yes thank you for youre support
all I heve 2 days for steem win
all voted



We need to take steem to the top..
just voted again..


Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!

Steem is almost on 1st place! keep voting guys :D

my vote from 2 days ago:

my yesterdays vote(didn't make a screenshot back then so just an info that I've already voted):

just 4hours to my next vote :)


Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!

Here my vote and my support!

Found out about this and was quite pumped, so I voted. I knew when steem was on fire I would really like to see it get there again.... My intended Mac Book Pro is counting on it.



Nice! Steem is numero uno: Vote, vote, vote!

Here’s my proof of voting! Thank you @janusface! I’ll be voting everyday!! Whoo Hoo!!


Third time i am voting!


Done sir

Go steem moon

Done upvote @janusface

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

225 upvote this is amazing
thank you for youre support

Wow, thanks for the update

Hey there Mr. Face! I'm noticing this all over steemit the last couple days. I sure hope we can make it happen. Will obviously be good for the steemit community in many ways.

I'm also launching a community writing project that will be good for steemit, travelers, and travel writers in many ways.

I hope don't mind if I run by you and ask for a little help from my steemit friends.

I'm basically trying to create a travel pro report library for steemit and hopefully the online world at large with any success; a resource of information for destinations around the world. I'm collaborating with other travelers (travel pros) on steemit encouraging them to write reports with a specific format to keep the quality and style in sync. The reports/library can be found at @travel-report.

I just wrote the first one to get things kicked off. It's on Chiang Mai Thailand, one of my favorite destinations in the world for many reasons.

Any support you can lend is greatly appreciated and it will encourage others to write reports too really giving some lift to this project.

Thank you for all your help, past, present, and future!

From Odessa Ukraine -Dan

Wow the votes if they have grown! 324 including my support!

@janusface, For sure Steem should reach to masses and mainly Steem have to listed on as many as Exchanges possible because in that way Trades and Transactions of Steem will going to increase and also visibility will going to expand. And in my opinion Steem will going to reach moon because it holds all the needed ingredients for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I'm thinking the money is going to fall into crisis time when the popularity is still very low. The excessive number of scams makes people lack trust and do not want to invest. Bitcoin today has soared showing it is about to fall into a disaster. eth discount too much. Surely it is going to collapse?