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RE: Let's build a list of websites/businesses/services accepting STEEM/SBD as payment - Paying 1 SBD per qualified response

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I too am only making this post to add my site to the list, not for the payout. :)

myBad Studios - , owned by @jansensensei, has been building Unity assets to help developers in making their video games. I also do short term (to help people get back on track to meet their deadlines) and long term contract work (i.e. creating the entire game from the ground up).

I've been doing this since 2008 and officially formed my company in 2011 but, even so, my business remains 100% online. Being a big fan of crypto I started accepting BitCoin a while back and have just installed a WooCommerce plugin to allow me to accept STEEM and STEEM Dollars as payment for goods and services also.


Cool, will add it to the list :)

I just launched my site to list all the businesses accepting STEEM/SBD :)
You can read about it here.