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RE: Hate putting private keys into websites? Introducing Steem Keychain!

in #steem4 years ago

Hey, guys, it's really cool that you developed this extension. So far I've always stored everything as a custom text field in my password store, but it never worked that way.
However, it would be very cool if you could release it as your own Firefox extension. There is Chrome Store Foxified, but I don't trust it that much.


Aaaaaa I always do the same! I open a Keepass document and the custom description has my posting and active and memo and owner keys.

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I'm also curious to know if the extension will be available on Firefox as well?
Great dev and contributions though, thank you @yabapmatt, @aggroed, @stoodkev and @nateaguila, fantastic work!

I'm sure it will come but much later.

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