Paying it forward with Steem - #steemitforward

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Paying it forward with Steem - #steemitforward


For many years now I have always wanted to be part of a project which will benefit various communities and by doing this, to pay it forward because of all the blessing I have received in my life. Projects like this comes with a lot of challenges and funding is not always available. I’m an average working class citizen barely surviving in a struggling economy fighting the government on a daily basis……until…….I got introduced to .
At first glance steemit looked like another site where people can post any spam with the hope of being rewarded for any mediocre content, but after taking the time to read some of the posts posted, I realised that there is actually a lot of talented, educated and well informed people putting hard work into their posts and really reaping the rewards.
I’m still finding my way around the steem currency and exactly on how this whole platform works and how we can be a benefit to each other, but by reading posts from people like @jerrybanfield, @teamsteam and #smartsteam helps a lot to get an understanding into the crypto world.
My first couple of posts was meaningless and a complete waste of time to test the waters and to see what the general response is. It’s really difficult to post or write an article when you are not a born writer and to find good content which will capture people and have them intrigued takes a special talent and commitment.
The other posts and articles grabbing a lot of attention is to blog about cryptocurrencies, which I don’t know enough of to write an article on and it might just be a load of blabber.
……………so this brought me to my conclusion and personal challenge;

I have this idea and well, like we all know, when you have an idea you must put ink on paper to start this idea growing and to make it a reality.
Most of us have seen the movie “Pay it Forward” and if you have not yet seen this movie, please do yourself a favour and watch this movie. So what is “pay it forward” exactly, it is a simple act of kindness, to do something like buying a cup of coffee for a work colleague or homeless person or for someone else without receiving something back in return, and then that person does the same for someone else. This is just a way of making the world a better place. All over the world the pay it forward concept has made its mark.
While researching this topic, I came across an interesting fact on Wikipedia, where this concept dates back to as early as 317 BC where it was the key plot in a play in ancient Athens. Several other companies and world leaders also used this concept in their everyday lives, like John F Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few. So regardless of how big the problems of the world may seem, it takes just one person to start making a difference even if it is just a simple gesture of love, appreciation and kindness.
We all at some time in our life have a desire or need to do a little bit more than what is normally expected of us and to see the reality of what the world is, the hard fact is that there are millions of people in need of help, they are either struggling financially to keep their heads above water or living unemployed in a country and sitting/standing at traffic lights or shopping malls begging for something to eat and drink.
Yes, there is some of these people doing drugs and abusing alcohol, but this is not what this “pay it forward” is about. Seeing past all the wrong and just being a good person and providing maybe one meal and drink to one person that maybe haven’t had a decent plate of food in days or even weeks.
This is in fact an eye-opening experience for everyone to try and experience. Not only will you be a blessing in someone’s life, but the joy of giving and to maybe for that brief little moment show that person that someone does care, is something that can cleanse your soul and give you a satisfaction that can never be bought or tagged with a price.
Under the #steemitforward, I will on a regular basis post articles about my journey while paying it forward. I pledge to use my steemit earnings to not only better my own circumstances, but to pay it forward and with one person at a time we can start making a difference. All of this will be done under the Steemit brand to also bring awareness to the brand and to expand the steemit community.
My first #steemitforward
Meet Sam Mhanasta; a 32 year old man living in Daveyton, Gauteng, South Africa. Sam is currently living with his brother and sister after his employment was terminated as a farm worker. I sat down with Sam and had a chat and he explained to me that he is finding it very difficult to find employment and that standing at a traffic light in Benoni about 20 kilometers from his residence is the only way for hope. Hope to maybe bring something to the table tonight and have enough strength to fight another day.
Sam Mhanasta, 32

Together with one of my colleagues, we enjoyed to sit down with Sam and to get a glimpse of the world that he lives. We managed to feed him, give him something cool to drink and to also leave him with enough funds to afford a night’s meal for his family.


Me & Sam

Currently the funds is coming out of our pockets and by taking this leap of faith, we hope to inspire other steemit users to #steemitforward. With the unemployment figures rising in South Africa and currently standing at a disgraceful 26.7% (stats recorded in 2017). A recorded 5.9 million people unemployed in the 4th quarter of 2017. We can go on forever and blame our governments, but to wait for our leaders to one day wake up and to start addressing these issues might be too late for some of these people. It starts with us and ends with us and I truly hope that you will join me in this pledge.



Rural areas on the East-Rand in South Africa

This is the conditions which millions of South-Africans needs to face every day of their lives. With no infrastructures and basics like water and sanitary, these conditions are not only dangerous, but extremely unhealthy and the major cause of hundreds of deaths annually.

The Challenge
I challenge every willing steemit user to take up this challenge under the #steemitforward handle. To help and encourage each other to be the blessing in someone else’s life. By up voting and following each other. Not only can steem benefit you as an individual, but also make a huge difference in the world.

Basic Rules
• All posts must be done under the #steemitforward handle for other participants to follow, comment and up vote.
• All supporting photos must be your own original work and not internet sourced.
• The idea of paying it forward is not to throw a bunch of money at someone and saying you did a good deed, but to spend some time with this individual, get to know him/her, to find out what their needs are. Money is not always the answer; if you’re throwing money at a drug addict, you are just funding his addiction; walk the extra mile and really make a difference.
• Nominate fellow steemit users
• To do this with a caring heart. We are working with people and everybody deserves dignity.

This idea is still in Alpha phase and I will do my best to grab the attention of steemit management to assist with a reward program. I read about “bots” and all these other interesting ways that can be introduced as a reward program, but my limited experience and lack of knowledge regarding all of this might give me the opportunity to cry out for help and suggestions.
So…if you have any suggestions on how to build on this idea and to build a platform for all to benefit; please comment.
I truly thank you all for taking the time to read my post and hope that you find it inspiring to go out and be the blessing in someone’s life.

Go and be blessed

Truly yours
Jacques Ross
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