STEEM vs Ethereum . The TradingView Debate

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I'm a small time trader, baller on the charts, awesome dude in the Trading View chatroom. I make jokes, give lots of LOLs, help out newbies, and learn from the vets. Tonight we talked about the usual while sipping coffee and eating popcorn around the world. We touched on the dramatic rise of bitcoin, the comical death of Burst, and the mega merits of STEEM vs Ethereum.

I basically enjoyed watching this guy:

Get schooled by this guy:

On the merits of STEEM.

Rock on Steemit. Rock on.

@zappl is coming . Golos is gold . upvote @jacobts because he's an awesome dude.

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Nice. I've been having similar conversations on Twitter in the BTCC vote comments. I don't know what drives people to blindly believe in something despite evidence to the contrary. Except that they've got a bunch of money invested and WANT it to be true.


Agreed. For a while I think it was a platform providing solutions and has a relationship to some major institutions. Then JP Morgan decided to just use them and go their own way, so i dunno. (follow'd)

Yes, you are awesome
Thanks for sharing
Have a nice sunday


So are you homie. You too.

interesting viewpoint. this community is awesome, love that everyone helps each other!


we try!


@jacobts thanks, followed you for more interesting updates !

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It's what I do.