digging into steemit.com performance issues

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I'm in the eastern united states, and steemit doesn't really load for me. I mean, it loads, but can't load my followers, or past posts, and I don't know if this post will make it through either. I saw somewhere that steemit.com had been being ddos'd?

Is that right?


  • ddos
  • blockchain api unable to keep up with site demands
  • Something broken on the cloud side of things

Or a combination. My money is on a combination of the first two on that list there. Well, more like: DDOS causing blockchain api unable to keep up with site demands.

So I was going to make a post with no photo, but then this happened:

My bet is still DDOS = blockchain API can't keep up with total traffic.

It's interesting, though, and it supports the idea of forking steem. More distributed social media is better distributed social media!

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

So, I accidentally resteemed this using busy.org, which I am not used to using.

Sorry everyone.
Cringes as I didn't mean to forward this, but let the chips fall where they may. I am not impressed with flagging for this reason either. I acknowledge he can use his stake how he wants.


Performance on the site has improved notably.

Yeah man it's honestly a rough time for steem-ing right now. Everybody is having major issues with posting and commenting, which creates a bit of a downward spiral.

There is some comfort in knowing that, in spite of these issues, we're all still here. We're all still trying. And that is because we really believe in this platform. For all its faults, I believe that we'll move past this soon.


It is an undeniably seductive and intuitive platform, and it can and should be made better.

I'm seeing the same performance issues. Lately I've been thinking about bots. I've seen a number of tutorials posted here on Steemit about how to create a bot that does one thing or another (e.g., automatic upvote based on author name), and it appears that the bots are intended to poll the server over and over with the same request (only to dump most of the data on the floor). Of course, I have no access to data showing the degree to which this might be happening. But if that is indeed the problem, we could add a feature that allows user software to register for notifications with the server. The notification might be something like "tell me when there is a new post in channel x." This type of event-driven programming would eliminate all of the pointless server requests and waste of resources.