Blurt Hard Fork 4

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Will allow the community to take the ability to earn rewards away from specific accounts. It will not introduce monetary or content censorship of any type (monetary and content censorship are, in this context, in fact the same thing).

Mechanism Design

Account xyz posts content that does not match the witnesses view of what's appropriate, or can be observed to be a part of a farming operation that hurts our purpose and mission as a community.

The witnesses, or optionally, a new group called wardens, selected in the same manner that witnesses are currently selected, pass a 2/3rds threshold of agreement that rewards should be disabled for a certain account.

That account can no longer earn rewards.

Their stake and user experience is otherwise unaffected by this.

They can still send their BLURT as they please, power up, power down, and make posts.

To avoid deliberation, AKA griefing, these decisions by the witnesses must be permanent.

Hard requirements which carry a 500,000 BLURT bounty

  • Immutability must not be affected
  • Must be implemented at the blockchain level
  • this change must affect ONLY the account's ability to earn from the reward pool. Censorship is not acceptable.
  • User interface for this mechanism added to condenser and / or @etainclub's Let's Blurt

This may or may not be used as a milestone to what's described below:

Nice-to-haves which raise the reward to 1,000,000 BLURT and additional vested BLURT

  • User interface for this mechanism added to condenser and / or @etainclub's Let's Blurt
  • You lead the hard fork
  • You work with little supervision necessary and make meaningful contributions in the community
  • You communicate effectively
  • You care about the growth and development of online communities
  • You have a long-term mindset: You're thinking about Blurt on a 10-year timeline
  • You're able to navigate complex realities, like the upcoming evolution of Blurt into multiple chains
  • You're willing and able to understand that your character, just as much as your code, is being interviewed for. Kind of like this:

  • You're willing and able to accept (joint-- I, Jacob am in no way departing) ownership over the codebase found in and you either know how the pieces work together, or are ready to learn and you understand that demonstrating that knowledge is a prerequisite for the receipt of the high-amount-reward above.

  • You understand that the above-mentioned ownership is a responsibility, not an entitlement.


  • We're going to introduce a feature that allows the witnesses or a second group called wardens to block rewards for certain accounts in HF4, and this mechanism won't be avoidable like previous curation mechanisms.

  • Users affected by this, will indeed be allowed to pay to create new accounts, or pay to make posts. That's fair.

  • We did not like what downvotes do for / to user psychology, and do not think they're the right solution.

  • We think that there's no reason to allow assholes to come in and tear up the place.

  • The person who makes these changes will be heavily vetted, and their code will be vetted, as well. Then that person will be richly rewarded. The expectation is that this person will remain with blurt for their lifetime, and that Blurt will outlive all of us.


The amounts of blurt listed above won't change, even if price does.

There's a 30 day window on this offer. That doesn't mean that you need to complete the work in 30 days, but you'd need to accept it.

This is not "first past the post".

You accept the offer by responding to this post, saying you accept, and starting work.


All pieces of this are negotiable, except for the feature goal. If you are one of the few people on earth who would be both capable and interested, don't hesitate to reach out either here or by discord.


In the event that multiple people come forward, heh, you'll end up being judged partially on how well you collaborate with one another and we'll figure out a way to reward both. Amount could be less. As stated above, everything here is negotiable: we must be practical and focused on outcomes.


To avoid delays, I published this without review by @megadrive. He could absolutely ask me to change aspects of it, and I absolutely would change them.

If he approves, he'll leave a comment here voicing his approval.

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