Loyalty Is The Foundation That I Believe In Building Upon.

in steem •  2 months ago

As a Steemian and as a Witness, it hasn't been easy to read some of the posts out there. In fact some of them have made my thoughts on where my loyalties lay 100% crystal clear.

So without writing a novel of a post about it all, I have put together this little pledge that I am making public here and to which I shall adhere to no matter how tough the times may get.


I believe that I have said it all.

God bless you all.


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stands and nods head before saying the pledge

You get that right loyalty is the must important thing

You make me proud to call you friend!

As frustrated as I've been, I completely concur, and I was saying in essence just this in speaking with my husband last night

Thanks for expressing it so succinctly and well.

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Lol, you Americans are so funny.
Where a 2 party system is democracy and 20 witnesses are decentralised.


Aussies mate, I'm an Aussie!

But yeah, you do make a good point.

Good speech! Brief and emotional.

Love your passion, Jack! Hopefully you won't be too disappointed to learn that "them" are just a bunch of passionate people trying to make a go of this thing too. There is a LOT of bandwidth spent talking about communication, opacity, direction, process, etc. in the dev slack. Never go into the kitchen of your favourite restaurant , eh?:)


Sir need to talk a serious issue with you i am the head of steemjet community
Please sir if you allow me

Hear, hear!

I will stand with you brother Jack - and dor Steem.


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Thank you @jackmiller for being this real. Thank you for being a true witnwess on our behalf. We've all enjoyed the freedom that #steemit leaverages

A lot of insights gained, a lot of lessons learned. I will have to review my witness votes a bit the coming days/weeks and will free a spot for you at the minimum.


Yeah, that 30 votes seems like a lot, yet many of us get to a point where we have to juggle them around for whatever reasons.

Don't unvote anyone for me, when or if the time comes that you wish to unvote someone, then please take me into consideration among the potential candidates to vote for.

Until then, it means a world to me that my words here have had a positive influence on your thoughts.

TY for your support, means a lot to me.


Yes, 30 seemed like a lot in the beginning, but it's starting to get harder and I reshuffle every few weeks now it seems.

Don't unvote anyone for me, when or if the time comes that you wish to unvote someone, then please take me into consideration among the potential candidates to vote for.

This was the plan indeed, I feel I want to revise a few votes anyway, and am reading and searching for as much info as I can to make even more informed votes.

Good luck witnessing :-)

Does that mean you aren't cross posting this on Weku?

I've seem several users placing a link at the bottom of each post that takes you to a copy of the post on Weku. Why would someone do that?


I don't see anything wrong with any Steemian cross posting a post that was written on our Steem Blockchain and in their copy paste of it on another site/blockchain to include a link to the original post on the Steem blockchain.

Backlinks never hurt ;)

Well said, Captain. Funny how we spell Loyalty with and L instead of an R.. 😉 We are ONE above none, brother. Have a great day!

The cutest thing I have seen all day. Come here buckaroo roughs up your hair and mock jab to the ribs gonna check if I am witnessing you witness.

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Well said Jack! I hope things are going better and life is back to normal.

Well me an my little crypto investment ain't going anywhere for a while, so I guess I'm with you!

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