For how long would you still be active on Steem if tge price of the token would hover around 30 cents for at least one more year?

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Crypto and blockchain tech continue to grow in the background, no matter what the price looks like right now. Do you have faith in crypto and in the communities being built here? If you do, then stay and continue to contribute. If you don't, then leave. Cryptocurrency is still a relatively young financial market and is not stable yet so the price will continue to bounce around until its more developed. If you have been in crypto for any length of time, then you know that it is possible for the market to be down for a significant amount of time with the possibility of bouncing back. Will I stay in the crypto space? Yup! Because I believe in the businesses being built in the space and the technology that is being focused on. Will I stay on Steem? I am not sure. And it's not the price that I worry about. I worry about the drama and the politics. 

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I quite like Steemit :) having spent a fair bit of time on other decentralised social platforms I now believe this is probably one of the better ones.

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