🤼‍ first chat pool in steem 🎎

in steem •  11 months ago

🤹‍Make hot speeches

this post is a universal and public room to have speeches with other members of golden group.
Very one on steemit can join this pool.


🔎 make questions about the world

🔎answer questions of others

🔎 express your ieads

🔎 upvote the comments

🔎 be interactive with the group


you start 🏇

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در این پست از اعضای گروه دعوت کرده ام که با همدیگر گفتگو کنند

اين چي هست؟ميشه فارسي هم بزارين؟

ميشه فارسيش رو هم بزارين؟؟

سلام عالی