why steem dollars disappeared? how to refund it!? how to solve the problem!!?

in steem •  3 years ago

Hello guys,
I'm trying to introduce steemit project to persians people, and it's very important to solve this problem, Because the first question that they ask is to prove that the system will pay. I wanted to explain how to convert the "steem dollars" to steem and make a guide in farsi, but this error made me down.

I was converting my "steem Dollars" to Steem, but after accepting the transaction all Steem Dollars disappeared

then I got this massage

and after accepting all 25$ has got!!!!

please help if you have any solutions

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Yes You've converted all your SD into STEEM, what did you expect?


I converted 25 $D into Steem, but it didn't transfer any STEEM to my wallet. If you look at the pic, my STEEM balance is still 0.0...!!
my question is that, where is 25 $D that I converted?


Read the message again ^^.
In ONE WEEK, convert sd to steem.


The dialogue box could provide a better explanation, or at least a link/tooltip/method that provides further information.​


I see that text has since been updated. I think the explanation is now quite clear, despite the spelling mistakes:

"Convert to Steem. This action will take place one week from now and can not be canceled. These Steem Dollars will immediatly become unavailable."