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I am not an expert too :) But I think the amount of the increasing vest and more the speed of the increase is responsible for the decreasing values ( post, upvotes, ..). Difficult though..LOL
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Great post as always @Inventor16, I'm still learning about all this fascinating steemit things too, this way I'll be able to use steemit as best as possible, and help explaining to all my followers and anyone who end up finding my posts too!!

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I m really not sure what all this "vest" is as I'm still trying to figure out so much. But definitely will resteem for others that may find it helpful.

I am hoping that the price of steem goes up again, as I believe all crypto will go up by September. So there is work on HF20? That is interesting, I'll keep my eyes open for more info on that.
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Thanks for explaining what steemvests are for as I never knew. If i understand correctly it's kind of like a propotion to the amount of steempower you have? I have almost 7000 vests after a month here on steemit

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yes Vests are directly reated to the amount of steem power you have, in fact it's basically the same thing just different annotation.

Actually I was not so clear about these vests
They are kind of confusing to me. It would better if you also link any open ed posts on this. May that would more helpful to have a discussion and share the ideas.

You gave me new topic to learn about today. I'll be back with what I can learn.

Looking forward to it!

i have about 80000 vest, i plan to invest
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I was wondering what is this VEST thing. Thanks for the explanation, helps a lot.
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Interesting! I had no clue those Vests existed until now, thanks to this article @inventor16 :)

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You are explained it in a simple way. This blog will give good understanding about vests.

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I don't pretend to fully understand the vest stuff either, although I have been keeping an eye on it as mine has been growing - ever so slowly. Upvoted and resteemed - just reached 100!

This is much clearer to me now. And now that I know that powering up increases vests over time, I have no more excuse to keep a bunch of steem on hand. Thanks again @inventor16 ! Upvoted and resteemed.

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I've made a simple info graphic:

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I really didnt know what MVESTS was. I have been seeing it and ignoring it which i know is bad. Anyways thank you for shedding some light on what it is and the potential it has. Just as you have stated, i will do my due diligence before doing anything else with this information. Thanks for sharing this insightful message with the community.

You're welcome!

great post, following you now

At first I thought this was going to be an article about you printing the Steemit logo on High Visibility vests :D - I was thinking "Nope, I don't think it's gonna take off."

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So power up as much Steem as you can to increase Vests?

Correct, you can not get vests without powering up.

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Thanks, i just keep learning a little at a time. Following for more info.

Can see one of the vests in the pic. lol

Thanks checking out my Vests

Infotmative post with a bit of sense of humor.


Interesting topic man we have a lot of things to learn from steemit and all the tools made outside

I am a new follower. I think the article was helpful. Its a murky topic that I havent felt too compelled to spend time on, so I appreciate your effort. I max upped and reteemed to my 789. I like your reward system, thats a clever idea :)

Thanks for explain this! Following you.

So, vests are about the SP you have? You lose vests when you power down and get them when your SP goes up? And there will never be more than 450,000 mvests? And the percentage of the total vests you have determines the amount of sp+sbd your vote is worth? Why is this particular measure necessary to have in addition to sp and sbd? What hole does it fill?

Good questions, i don't have the answers to most of those :)

Ha! :P

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I still have so much to learn on here including vests which after reading this post I understand a little more but still not clear

Do they come in different colors I have always one that is purple with blue POlka dots :)


Thanks for sharing @inventor16

I am new and still trying to figure out how this works. I need more explanations like this!

And that s a mystery for me also but I hope I will understand in time!

Always looking for insight into the platform. Thanks.