You Know me @inventor16, people need to leave emotions at the door and be smart. Great Post!

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Did you like my 😱 panic and scared face? 😂🤣

@stackin you need to move to Hollywood, and create a movie 🤑

Hollywood doesn't like asian actors... you don't see them around, look what they did to bruce lee hahahaha

@inventor16 Awesome update post! Yes he does need to make a movie already in Hollywood for real! 🤑

Good raise at flop, now check/raise at turn and move allin at river ;)

I personally plan to buy more steem and also add more SP... :)

@stackin hahaha that pic tho!

hahah i can relate.

That's a great mindset man!

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@jwolf How's it going bro!? Thank you for the resteem and continued support. Max upvoted!

Hey bro, I am on the way to my parents village! And don't have so much battery! Hope your day is going great. I really agree with you man. This is the perfect time for more!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the information
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@tinashe thank you for the support, maxupvoted!

Thank you for the support.I believe its all about helping out each other.



All your thoughts are very good and I hope there will be much more for small players in coming days.

@inventor16, what you're saying makes total sense to me... I'm in this for the long haul (5-7 years), as well; I just don't have it in me to worry about these short-term swings. The possible Bitcoin hardfork/split at the beginning of August is an open-ended perhaps worth a bit of worry... but the overall idea of cryptos remains solid... and I really like Steemit's chances of bringing Steem into the top-5 alt coins somewhere along the way.

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@denmarkguy thank you for the support, Maxupvoted! I agree, I see steem making it into the top 5 eventually, it'll take time. Right now the market cap seems to be controlled by day traders, but once more companies and individuals buy it, it'll go up quick and stay there.

@inventor16, thanks! I'm a big supporter of the various initiatives (steemgigs, steemshop, etc) that are working towards creating an actual economy based on Steem. If this platform can help generate economic reasons why the Steem token should exist... that'll place us ahead of SO many other alt coins that have little more than "an idea" to offer. When you're an investor... which of those options sound better?

@denmarkguy I agree that it would be nice to be able to buy real life items with Steem or even SBD, without needing to exchange it into USD first.

Buy and hold!! Buy and hold!!!
Definitely great advice :)
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Awesome!! Thanks @inventor16 :)

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You are very welcome :-) Thank you very much @inventor16 :-)

There is nothing better than cheap STEEMs dude :)

@hasoon thanks for the upvote :)

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@welovesteemit thank you!

wise words, if people see this kind of situation as an opportunity more than be in panic every one wins in this game. now is time to go all win couse it will rise again and those who use this opportunity well will be glad soon !

Steem on!!!

ps would you like to teach me how can i reduce the % of the vote ?
I just can't find the slide to do it anywhere ._.?

@andyluy you need 500 SP I think before you can do it!

Oh now I understand!
Thank you !!!!

I find it surprising how much cripots trade like gold and silver, when gold and silver have not been looked at as currency for so long . I'm no trader but it looked interesting to me, the way that was happening.
Ok i will resteem no worries I liked the post so it seems fair to me. I have over 400 followers.

@thehomesteadlife thank you. The issue with gold is that it is not easily divided up into proper amounts, and also transferring it is an issue. It has the test of time on it's side I won't deny that, but as a store of value, it lacks some things when you compare it to crypto.

I agree, gold is obsolete, doesn't have any kind of flexibility. thats the thing that killed it off I guess. I don't see much of a future for Gold and silver, it had it's last hoo-rar in 2011 and now it's just too over loaded with transaction costs. mostly the bullion side of it any way. It's struggling to even beat the currency inflation rates these days. so the wealth storage properties are under threat as well. Looking to the past to make profit doesn't seem like a good idea. Learning from the past to make profit, makes more sense to me.

No matter what the disclaimer says, this qualifies for a great financial advice. I'd take that any day. I'm glad to read from you. I have followed you, thankfully, and would love to see more posts from you. Upvoted 100 % and resteemed to 547 people for their benefit of course.

It's a nice little coincident that I advised my 547 followers to buy Steem at low price and then power up! because the price of Steem had fallen and SBD was rising some hours ago. A great opportunity was created. A similar post by me which was well received was about the 9 things which can be done with Steemit rewards!. I'm glad I've been sharing opportunities as well.

I would honestly like to add some value here. Being a blogger, I'm into quality of content writing so I think
creating amazing posts! will make your already awesome posts super amazing. Payout on the post is finalized already so I'm just sharing for you to see if it works. I'll be glad if you leave feedback too.

Thanks again for sound advice. Looking forward to posts from you.

@ilyastarar thank you for the support! I agree there is room for improvement in my blog posts, I will continue to try and improve them over time.

I learned something of value from you and hope to learn more. Just wanted to give a helping in an area I thought I could. Thanks a lot @inventor16


I'm a little more simplistic in my methodology. As soon as I see new rewards, I pile them into SP.

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@theblindsquirl thank you!

Thanks for promoting the platform as well as you do.

I'm here for the long haul too.

Thx for this clear message!! So now its time to change some sbd to steem?
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@rival thank you for continued support!

No Thank you. I hope I can contribute like you in the future.. but looking to all charts Now it Will take a while. Just started crypto 2 months ago.. but i enjoy steemit. 👍

3 very good points. I am buying a little steem at these prices. It will come back up soon, this is just a correction, which is healthy.

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@kenny-crane thank you!

Hi @kenny-crane

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding such value to the Steemit community. Steem on!

Well it is a great time to invest into Steem during this dip.
The markets will of course recover and you can benefit a lot from it.
@inventor16 I also upvoted and resteemed! :)

@arckrai thank you!

I'm looking forward to #1, buying more at a lower price! I'll also likely be hanging on to my SBD and powering up.

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Yeah it's smart to invest right now. I already converted all my SBD to Steem !
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@trendo thank you bro!

first and only rule of trading buy when people sell and sell when people buy
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@vegeto not sure I'd say only rule, but def point taken!

for the beginners, it should be the only rule

STEEM is on such a discount right now. I have decided to buy some more (and some other crypto). Thanks for sharing this article, upvoted and resteemed!

@cryptotem thank you!

It's better to wait until you see the bottom and then the upswing. You could buy a lot of Steem at different levels before the price finally bottoms out potentially.
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@gniksivart thank you! Hard to predict when the bottom will be!

Wow thanks for the upvote and you're absolutely right about predicting the bottom. There are some indicators that can help, but that's no guarantee. I'm not going to lie I was feeling pretty frustrated with my rewards so far, but holy cow . . . just thanks for that awesome upvote!

Very helpful advice, i'll keep it in my mind and for others i'll resteem it.
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@ahsansaeed thank you!

You are Most Welcome.

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Cheap STEEM to grab for now sure!

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@dianax thank you!

Well, you can't argue with Warren Buffet logic. Thanks @inventor16 for the update and your thoughts on buying in at these levels. It's something I am considering. I would like to get closer to my "vote slider" so I can spread my support and properly curate content.

I'm only at 160 followers so far, but you've got my vote and resteem and support.

@steempowerpics thank you!

Upvoting and resteeming you but I think it would be nicer to upvote 100% the smaller Steemians, they are the ones who need it the most..... we can all grow helping each other ;)

@chistellemoore thank you for the support. I agree minnows need it the most, but if I upvote everyone at 100%, it takes me a full 5 days to recover from voting, when I need to use that time to post another article.

Your rite some of us bearly know what it means to buy or sell or even literally put the earnings into your actual pocket Help! Please...

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@lucksteem Thank you!

Thanks for the tips. I've been day trading SBD on Bittrex a little with some positive gains.

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Thank yous all around!!!

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Good point anywasys. Cryptos are nothing if we are talking with totally money on earth at the moment.


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A beautiful publication has been republished

I buy Steem everyday, just resteemed!

@blackamine thanks brother!


Simple and effective points 1..2..3..
My principle, no matter what the price and how much I get. I always buy periodically and I just hold

I usually follow the method DCA - Dollar Cost Averaging

DCA is a good principle to stick by no matter what. I should have stuck to that principle but went all in early.

That risk worth of hefty returns.. haha :)

I see a lot of panic and fear-mongering with some content creators but as you say it is an opportunity, i hope the price stays like this for a few weeks so i can get more bang for my buck thanks for once again providing useful info @inventor16, resteemed and upvoted

Also if you have the time @inventor16 check out my latest blog.

awesome post and resteemed. Steemit isn't going away and as the market sloshes around it will eventually come back up. I always look at the lows as opportunity for me. I knew to steemit though so I need to start purchasing some steem.

Yeah, no need to panic.
I´m also in for the long run.
Keep posting the good stuff.

@cryptopet thanks brother!

Any tips, how to strengthen my nerves and wait for the bottom... ?
(upvoted and resteemed especially for tip 3!)

@pery I wish my crystal ball wasn't foggy :) thank you!

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Don't sell , Don't sell...
Or sell & the price goes even down & we get more steem for our bucks.

@topslim thank you!

No thank you @inventor16 , it's funny how 2.9$ Will turn out after 7days either up or way down .
At least cryptos work honestly as a free market.

Re-steemed. Great commentary for those of us taking the long view!

@lances thank you!

Good article and I couldn't agree more with you
Panic sell is fueling the bear market but BTC is going to make a big come back if Segwit acceptance goes through and all the alts will follow
btw upvoted and resteemed

@helios thank you!

Oh thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, i go with the 3 option i think :D upvoted and resteemed... Only have a little more then 200 followers, but all good people :D thanks for your love : p

@aleister thank you!

I am still learning about all of this I resteemed your post and upvoted it. Its is an informative post and I learned alot. Thank you

@wavemaster thank you!

@inventor16 Super interesting article #resteamed

@frostbite thank you!

Nice information resteemed

I can understand the poker analogy pretty well. Thanks.

@keithwillshine thank you!

converted sbd to steem at 1.6 sbd/steem and feeling very sad now.... upvoted and resteemed, i have more than 50followers.

@carinewhy thank you!

This is by far a great time to purchase Steem, if you have money! Don't invest anything that you wouldn't be okay with losing. Not that I think this is a losing bet!


@dzboston33 thank you again!

Don't worry nerves of steel....
Resteemed but sorry to say only 70 f

@abdology8 thank you!

i think your thoughts are very good , i wish you more success let's rock together @inventor16

Great advice, thanks for the reminder! Love that Warren Buffet quote 👍

@steemdoge you're welcome!

for you all hehe


@fadhilarnas lol, great pic!

Yeah it's time to buy for sure.

@bodyinbeta Exactly!

We've all gotta hold our nerve!

@dodders007 Exactly!

Very useful informations for people who have money to buy a few of them!
I don't but you got a new follower!
I also upvoted and resteemed your post (to 100+ followers) to support your work!
Enjoy Steemit! Have a nice day!

@xposive thank you bro!

Thank you for this post @inventor16 I am new to steemit but am building my community and appreciate your insights! up-voted and following! Sincerely,

Also re-steeming this post :)

This is a great post and great advice, thank you so much for sharing this... I am very uninformed when it comes to things like these, but what you said makes perfect sence !


that some great info you shared Resteemed

Smart idea to convert SBD when the price drops.

Upvoted & Resteemed. 23 followers, still new but growing quickly :)

great time to buy some steem for the long term hold, this platform is great and is gaining users every day. I don't see why someone would stop using this platform. I could see this forum being bigger than reddit