You might want to consider voting for the witness @se-witness!!

in #steem7 months ago


@se-witness quote:

"We payout more in one day then most reward witnesses pay out in a whole month."

Here is their latest post:

If you're not onboard you're missing out on, for one, free money they are handing out just for voting for them, and two, a bunch of other great services they offer. I'm currently delegating 32,000 STEEM to them because I'm so happy with the APR they are offering, on top of the free votes I get for just supporting them as a witness. If you're skeptical for some odd reason look into @steemegg and @se-witness.

Subscribe to my youtube channel and let me know in the comments to receive a vote from me! Thanks in advance!



Thanks for supporting @se-witness with your witness vote. Heres a free vote!

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