Keep Strong Steem Peeps! This Is A Ramble From A User Just Like You.

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Feel free to listen in on this ramble, as share my thoughts on the current events which are keeping us down as a community. This is the Rated PG version :D Trying to keep things civil during this time, because it is best to start communication with some civility and respect.

There is a severe lack of respect going around these days for everyone in this struggle. It is always easier to tear someone down in your quest for dominance on the net! LMAO :D Seriously though, try a little kindness when communicating with your fellow Steemians. We are all in this together and these past few days have been quite impressive to watch, as everyone has somewhat come together in the face of a common threat.

These are my personal views. Will anyone listen? Who knows! LOL :D

And to Mr. Sun... you need to really think about what you are trying to accomplish. Coming in and throwing your weight around and doing what you're doing.. well let's just say it is not a very good start! You can do better. Learn about our community slowly, communicate with our duly elected witnesses, and do what needs to be done to come to a mutual compromise. The witnesses you are using to take over governance of the Steem blockchain are sock puppets and it needs to stop.

And for goodness sake, let's stop all the fake news and propaganda. Not a good look.

To the crypto exchanges that back door voted these sock puppet witnesses, it's shameful really.

To @ned, time for you to step off, you sold the company! I think that you are giving Mr. Sun the wrong impression. Go away and bathe in your money. You're done.

Just another day in the trenches... Keep Strong People! :D

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Ahahaha, hug ya back! :D

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