@timcliff asked: What would you say to a potential investor of STEEM?

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I left a comment, that might be buried in responses on timcliff's blog. For that, I showcase it here -- for YOU!


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If you had 60 seconds to talk to a potential investor and tell them five things that they may not know about STEEM, what would you say?

  1. Much like the users of steem, you have no idea about what is soon coming to steem in the way of functionality, programming, hard forks, and plans worked on for the last year that about to debut.

  2. Steem has gone through huge speculation. The steem speculation is secondary to its true value long term. What it is valued today, tomorrow, or next week, has absolutely no meaning to what it will be worth 5 years from now.

  3. Early investors (which means today)... who see the possibility of exponential growth of a system, will earn exponential profits later. If you want exponential growths, you have to invest early.

  4. Brands that have ignored steem, that are the first to try steem, are going to be the most adopted and trusted. If you know someone that has a brand that wants to get easy adoption and be "first on the scene".. let them know. This social platform is ready for some organization to take notice and be the first to exploit the opportunity.

  5. Steem has proven its existence beyond the first year of operation. It has proven its existence beyond the second year of operation. It's entering its third year of operation and all signs point to a continued operation. Most business fail within their first 1-2 years of operations. If steem was to fail, it would have already. Take a second look and really analyze the potential for growth... most aren't doing that... get in on something explosive now.

I decided to repost my comment in the form of a blog post... for my followers to see.

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I usually ask, "Does Mark Zuckerberg print you a check fir all the information you share?"

They say


I reply

steemit.com pays you to do the same things and the community grows stronger by the day, sign up now!

very well said.... especially number 2 ...I would use that as my crown argument... try to see the forest...don't loose your time on the tree...try to predict the long run behavior

"early investors, (which means today)"

I could not agree more with your reasonings here. I have been charging ahead hard on Steemit despite the dip, because I can see the value and potential here, and want to fully support those that have not given up. I hope you do not mind, but I wrote an article today that discusses some of this, and used this photo from your post last year in my article, fully sourced and gave you credit of course:


It is only a matter of time, personally I hope the price stays down a little longer so I can purchase some Steem for a change. Blessings my friend!


Whoa.. I'm impressed. You have read and know things that most people aren't privy too...

STEEM price is down, only to change the holdings from weak hands, to strong hands... which is a trading term. Good on you for remembering the post and re-articulating it.

If you trade exactly like the majority of the market... you win and lose like the market does.. But if you do the opposite of what the market is showing.. that's where true profits are to be made. (again, my opinion only).

As you know, STEEM is unfairly down in price at the moment. That won't last very long.

I have been charging ahead hard on Steemit despite the dip

That is an aggressive move... that I personally believe is the right action. Please come back in 6 to 12 months and let us know how you did.

It takes strength and perseverance to go against current market trends when you know what the end result should be.... congratulations on seeing and taking the opportunity when most won't do that..


After studying the crypto market for the past 9 months I am finally starting to wrap my head around how this all works. For Steemit in particular, I see the true value in the community itself, and the sheer access to utility from all the users on here. Until recently, I had no idea the amount of awesome things I can accomplish through Steemit, that I would have never been able to accomplish on my own! Thank you to all Steemians, for making this the awesome place that it is. Without all of us, Steemit would still be a blank screen with no color. Glad we were able to connect @intelliguy! You are doing great things for the blockchain!

Excellent and inspirational post to those of us 'tiny-minnows' swimming upstream! Thank you good sir for alerting me to your post - my upvote and resteem in support!

It seems valid to make this a post on its own actually.

So many people are kind of wandering at the moment. Its good that you are promoting steem in a bitesized way

I can only agree brother! I feel the same way about the situation.
Ditto... If I had more cash at hand I would by loads of STEEM now...

Even before the hardfork Steem has been shown to work well. Okay, so the Steemit platform has issues of abuse, but we have this coin we can transfer quickly and for free. The community makes it even better. I hope to see it accepted in lots of places soon. It has those advantages over some of the bigger names. It's great for those on low incomes who struggle with transfer fees.

Hopefully you get and answer. I'll keep on building some steem until this platform succeeds or goes to zero.

Rightly said.
Actually the whole game is who can see the future based on contents.
Seeing the kind of posts steem seems to be a rising star.
What we need is to keep faith and keep contributing in our own way as everyone is unique and different and actually this different views by different people at one platform makes Steem unique.

I agree with you @ intelliguy.....now i se why you are called intelligent....you are really intelligent,..of course i upvoted

well said.. this one caught my attention the most...

Steem has gone through huge speculation. The steem speculation is secondary to its true value long term. What it is valued today, tomorrow, or next week, has absolutely no meaning to what it will be worth 5 years from now.

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