STEEMIT: Soul searching yourself. Want to be EVIL OR GOOD on this system? RESTEEM THIS ONE PLEASE

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Every single user of steemit is given a choice: BE EVIL OR GOOD. Some try both. Don't be evil, you'll be discovered.


It doesn't take long to look around the STEEM blockchain and see who is misbehaving, scamming, and trying to cheat the system.

Unfortunately it can feel like it takes even longer, to find GOOD people, with honest intentions, and good content. (which isn't true.. you see it a lot)

Why is there so much effort spent on cheating STEEM?

  • Cheating the system is easy work in the beginning for a very short while

  • Being GOOD and honest is hard work in the beginning, but it lasts for a very LONG while

I find a lot of new users join, try to act appropriately, it doesn't work. They never read something I wrote 3 months ago nicknamed the 11 cent post titled:

If you're new to steem or steemit and you aren't making HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS yet -- let me explain why...


Q: If I spent a long time on here, like two whole weeks and I'm not making $30 a post, shouldn't I give up, and become evil instead to make money?

  • A: No, tricking the users here will last a very short time and soon you'll have people running around downvoting your junk.

Q: What if I don't do evil things (like spam, or come up with other cheating ways), and STILL no one notices me?

  • A: Get better at interacting with other users, participating in things like discord, Whaleshares, Steemittalk, steemspeak, or meeting people by visiting THEIR blogs instead of waiting for people to come to you.

(Wait where are the links for those? Gotta do your own research and searches. I tipped you off already on those places)

Q: What if I want to get rich quick?

  • A: EVIL or GOOD methods on steem do not make anyone get rich quick. That includes the scammers. Only GOOD methods make people get rich in the long term.

Q: But in the early days, didn't people "game the system"?

  • A: Yes, they did. They are discovered a lot faster now. Do it, and basically your account dies.

Q: Wait? How can my account "die" -- there are no moderators here!

  • A: Oh yes there is.. it's called steempowered accounts, who do not take kindly to evil methods to steal from the reward pool. They often have high reputation and can take your level 58 account and turn it into a level (-1) account pretty fast, especially when they call on others to stop your evil nonsense.

Q: So what, @intelliguy ... we're all suppose to act like you, take your advice, do what you do?

  • A: Of course not. I'm not nearly online enough to even take my own advice. If I was, I'd be posting 1 single fantastic post each day of the week. I'd never power down, and heck, I'd probably be worth over $150,000 in steempower right now.

Problem is, I have very little time. I have huge bills and have had to power down before. If my real life struggles didn't get in my way, yes, I'd have over $150K worth of steem.

If my advice is good. It doesn't matter how big my account is. So don't ask silly questions like this again.

Q: What's the point of trying to limit scammers, cheap posters, people who game the system, it's everyone for themselves, right?

  • A: No. First of all (and I really mean this), it hurts YOU. The one doing it. Your not going to get very far in this game long term, so don't do that to yourself.

Next, yes, of course, it hurts me. If you're scamming rewards in the short term, that's one extra day I don't get paid properly for what I should have earned otherwise.

...and your followers will hate you too, and drop you. It's hard to earn followers. Don't abuse them either.


If you're doing it. Someone else is doing it. That hurts the whole system as a whole. If you're trying to crash and burn this thing with your greed, you're going to be sorry, because this cash cow will end sooner than you think.


** Steem is designed to be a place where:**

  • Work hard
  • Share
  • Communicate
  • Engage
  • Do good work
  • Don't be evil

...and this place will be here forever. The monetary rewards will grow forever.

So the next time you see someone scamming the system on purpose, go ahead and downvote them, unfollow them, and tell them.. you will not tolerate them filling the blockchain with junk.

This was written tonight because I saw a genuine post by @hitmeasap write a post titled:
The Imperial Bank of @Neoxian Helps Me To Survive! [Amazing & Wonderful!]

...which brought a smile to my eyes (if you can imagine that)... where he mentioned he tried everything including a resteem scheme just to try and get himself out of a jam without a loan.

I go back to the new feed to curate some new content, and then all of a sudden I read this from @sbd.giveaway titled: Resteem for newbies and minnows

With this image:

I scroll down the new list, and see this, posted 2 minutes by @monajam after that one:


Concentrate on the "S" font and the colors... and the "earn SBD or send SBD" idea...

So then I ask @monajam if they know @sbd.giveaway the response:

"Don't know personally, but he/she posts giveaways like few others and I sometimes resteem their posts to support."

....[lol] ok yeah, a little coincidental. 2 minutes apart. Same font. Same way of getting the thumbnail sizing wrong (they both have a little unused space at the bottom) AND @monajam admits they've resteemed @sbd.givaway's posts already.

@monajam is level 50 created June 2017

@sbd.giveaway is level 45 created July 2017

I'm not a rocket scientist... but the possibility of a scam and double accounts is spray painted all over the wall here.

Q: What if you're wrong @intelliguy ? What if it is 2 people and they're not part of the same scam?

  • A: I apologize... BUT! Does it matter? It really doesn't. I've seen proof of other people doing "possibly" evil things on this blockchain... and this is how they could appear.

We can't find and stop everyone that does it. What we can do, is appeal to them to stop hurting themselves, me, you, and the whole concept of steemit in general. Many will listen. Some won't. Let's ask the many who might listen to do the right thing and stop this cheating crap.

As my teacher use to say in school:

"You can cheat on the test. In the end, all you are doing is cheating yourselves"

I never knew what that meant until I got older.. Now I fully know what that means.


The one thing steemit did well so far, is all those 14-18 year old gamers playing their xbox one's and PS4's are now on their laptops. Their controllers sitting on the floor while they find ways to scam STEEM to pay for their habits. Us adults can outsmart them. It's time we use our curation power to do exactly that...


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Great post. One thing that I would like to emphasize is that it isn't hard to find people on Steemit that are gaming the system. It is tempting to feel that 'everyone is doing it' and therefore it is ok. What I have found though is that for every one person that is doing things the 'evil' way, there are 10 others who are trying to do their best to contribute to the community and add value. My suggestion is to avoid the temptation to try and game the system, and just keep doing what you can to make Steemit a better place. It is going to be the ones doing that who will get recognized and rewarded in the long term, and hopefully bring STEEM to the moon, along with everyone else :)


Ok, I emphasize it too, and it is true:

@timcliff said: "it isn't hard to find people on Steemit that are gaming the system. It is tempting to feel that 'everyone is doing it' and therefore it is ok. What I have found though is that for every one person that is doing things the 'evil' way, there are 10 others who are trying to do their best to contribute to the community and add value."

  • Very valuable insight. Thanks for pointing it out. :) There is more good than bad here.. let's keep it going..

A very intelligent post...and a wake up call to all who might be tempted to do evil in this platform(that includes me of course). Thanks @intelliguy , I am now following you.


I hate the word cheating because it only gives evil meaning. What I prefer is the word resourceful :) Maybe they're just using their genius minds ^^

I've had family on Steemit for a short while. I have even read some more compelling blogs I wanted to comment on ... months ago! Finally logging in today, and, for whatever reason, your blog resonated with this gal who has a lot to learn about Steeming.
One thing I know for sure is I despise phoney, unethical, line-jumpers in the so-called Real World.
Steemit and the BlockChain world, to me, should be a haven away from the typical BullShit you get from the cattle who've been BRANDED into the system.
Yes, we all have insecurities and fear of uncertainty and fear of deprivation.
But, spitefulness and deception shouldn't be our go-to actions here on Steemit.
Hustle, learn, collaborate... Leave the pettiness to the bleating masses on the other side.

Great to get first comment out of the way. An official intro should follow....
Will figure out style and presentation....SOON.


I agree with your thinking. We can be better here. Why bring the nonsense of real life here too? We shouldn't.

I want Steemit to change the world, but it is in danger of just becoming a cesspool. It's up to each of us to do what we think is necessary to prevent that. That could be flagging, education or something else. I'm not giving up on the dream yet


I want Steemit to change the world, but it is in danger of just becoming a cesspool. It's up to each of us to do what we think is necessary to prevent that.

Amen to that!


Bring value, and the value will come back to you. The most basic way of conducting business. Excited to see more from you @intelliguy!

So true. It is on Steem like it is in life. Good always wins

So true - I have to admit half the time when I check out scammers I can't even work out if they are making any actual short term gains - not like the one I was checking out who posts hundreds of lame comments and self upvotes them all $25, but like the guy who pretends to be a hot looking babe and spams everyone's posts - he has made $7.60 so far :)


Yes.. they think $7.60 is huge. and they do it again, and make another $5.40 or another $6.20

It's only because they haven't worked for followers, engaged and commented, and did all the hard work to be noticed. If they did... They'd make $20 to $85 a post.. and all those cheap posts would be a complete waste of their time.

Good point. Thanks for pointing it out.

A person working hard can sleep better at night, than a scammer waiting for the impending doom they deserve too :)

Resteemed to show my support. I don't like cheaters, I never have done.

When I was growing up, it was drilled into me that there is more honour in trying but failing, than there is in cheating.

Same applies here.

@intelliguy - good one - resteemed and upvoted :)


Thank you for doing that.. you're the first, and only one, that said that.

...but as I said, it helps all of us. It is really appreciated.

So I'm supposed to (try to) be good. Will see what I can do.
runs to catch a bus to meet some developers that will be building on bitshares


[for those that don't know @virtualgrowth, his comment was semi-sarcastic]

@virtualgrowth you have helped many people.. even those that didn't deserve it, and we both found out too late. Keep up the great work and thanks for dropping by.

When he says "try to be good" and then says:

runs to catch a bus to meet some developers that will be building on bitshares

He spends funds (his funds), on travelling around the globe meeting people from steemit and bitshares, to engage and give recommendations off-chain for the betterment of things you'll soon see. He's already doing good. :) He's looking out for all of us.. and doing a great job.

To anyone reading this: @virtualgrowth is a real stand up individual that I will always trust.

Many people are evil without even noticing it.

When you can make 200$ just by posting sport results or adventures while others are making 5$ for posting elaborate researches and post, the game is just unfair and many curators are quite dumb, check out 50% of the trending page :)

PS: Great post, a bit too simple IMHO (Which can be both :)


I know... but that's only some of the time. Not all of the time.

Well said!! Just do the RIGHT thing. Deep down everyone knows the Right thing to do.

Hi intelliguy,
i humble request .
please tell the method, how i get vote as like you're pls help, so me to earn this type.


Read my blog. I spent a lot of time explaining how to do this already in many different posts. You have to research this information.

Good advice for all here on Steemit 👏😉

how do I know if I am good or evil?
Give us the exact definition of being evil here please, so that we can understand what that means and so that we can avoid such actions.

imho: Threatening us by killing our accounts by some powerful users seems to me like evading from the decentralised ideology. The system should be coded in such a way so that there is no space for "being evil" and therefore you would have the prevention by design.

Without a proper definition of evil, we live in an uncertainty if our accounts won't die because some big whales decide that they consider something as evil.


If you're doing something unethical.

For instance, if you were sitting around a table of your peers, and everyone was sharing their steem experiences about what great stories they wrote, which ones got paid well, which ones didn't.

...and if you stood up, and say "well, I found a way to cheat the system." and explained how you do it...

If one of those people started grinning and said "oh, you're so bad, it never even crossed my mind to do something so evil like that to scam even more rewards than just contributing content or witnessing blocks"...

...then that would be evil.

Even better: If what you are doing is a secret. You don't want anyone to know what you are doing, or how you do it. Generally that could be considered evil in some way.

If it's so taboo that you don't want anyone to know about it, or broadcast how you do it, because you have an unfair advantage that would be negatively looked upon you if everyone knew.. that's evil.

Give us the exact definition of being evil here please, so that we can understand what that means and so that we can avoid such actions.

If it feels wrong... if it feels like you found a way to exploit the system for which it was not intended... then that's evil.


so evil is smart :)

I had a thought that if I follow as many steemit users as possible, that some of them might return me the favour and will follow me too. I have seen some users who are following like 5000 users and more.
Do you think this is evil?


If you have this many questions, obviously you're not sure of what good vs evil means. I recommend you sit down with your parents and talk to them about it.

I'm not here to answer questions forever. Plenty of people have written long articles about followers and "follow me. I follow you"

Go to and type in questions and you'll see lots of answers.

I even found this post for you through

But it's too late (really) if you need to be explained what evil vs good means in the first place. That is something you should have known when you are under 10 years old. Then you apply that lesson to everything in your life and you will do well.

It doesn't change the topic of my post. Evil works short term, not long term. Lots of dead bodies hanging around the steem blockchain from people who used evil and their hard work to gain followers now has to start again, with a new account. But then they kill the new account too, and start again. It's more work to keep doing that... then it is to earn yourself a good reputation and keep your good reputation.

You'll now want to know and ask "who" and "show me examples".

I'm not your employee, and I can't sit here all day catering to your questions, sorry, I wish I could.

You don't have to be rude @intelliguy. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm trying to be direct. Rude is the byproduct of that unfortunately.


my parents told me that you are an evil person, with your evil and mean answer.
Your account should die now ;)

The link you sent me, didn't give me the answer to my question if it is "evil" to follow too many steemit users. It just says about the effects which are naturally already known to me. In other words, I was asking if it is a reason to kill someones account.

Btw, how silly would it be if instead of detailed law in the world, the law book would be just "don't be evil, or you will go to jail"
It's the same as "don't be evil, or your account will die"
For everyone, evil can mean something else. For example I like to cook pork meat and eat it. What if I made a video and an article about how to cook pork? I believe muslims would find it evil, but I would find it good. Can I post pork cooking videos or are muslim powerful whales going to kill my account? I could give more examples...

My point is that there should be exact written rules, on what is forbidden. Otherwise there will be an open ground for unreasonable censorship based on someone's belief, political or oligarch orders...

You don't have to answer to this, I don't want you to feel like you are my employee lol, even though this is just a voluntary discussion.
I recommend you to take a nap, maybe you will cool down.

If only Google would have taken your advice.

Upvoted and resteemed, and hoping you can increase your time on Steemit to help promote a healthy community.

Excellent post, especially for someone like me who just joined like 2 days ago. Its great to know from your post and the replies that there is a sound of reason and honesty here, makes me glad i joined. Thank you again..

Thank you for this thoughtful piece. I'm still quite new to this and your post made me rethink my attitude towards steemit. I think I will in the future always ask myself "does it help the community?" before posting something.