Competition and forks in crypto is what you want to see -- believe it or not.

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See another project open up? Not part of it? Doesn't matter -- you still benefit.

I wrote a similar steem post post initially September 22, 2016

At that time @gtg (your top #1 steem witness) said this:

No one wants to be told how to behave. Different people like or need different things, so it's very hard to convince one to be more respectful.
Good will have no good price in a world when only profit matters.
But hey, wait:

Lack of respect, FUD and flame wars are not profitable.

Post Cats, Not Wars!

I'd like to address his point here:

"Good will have no good price in a world when only profit matters."

Broken down, that means to me.... We live in a world when only profit matters.

I can see why he said that... But let's talk about the point I made above:

Competition and forks in crypto is what you want to see -- believe it or not.
See another project open up? Not part of it? Doesn't matter -- you still benefit.

These two points is what will discuss... in conjunction with crypto respect.

Crypto currency is still considered to be the wild west. Anything goes. Think of a small western town:


Now the problem with small towns is that competition wasn't taken kindly to at all. That stifled growth. It stifled innovation. People would deal with shoddy products, or over priced products, because a particular business was known as "the only game in town".

People like Roy Bean had a brother who owned a saloon and one of his first acts as a law maker was to shootup the saloon of a competitor.

This small town thinking is very common place today in the world of crypto. FUD, and war against a competing project, mostly because you don't own significant interests in that new project is a popular thing to do.

What people do not realize is the inherent benefits in having open and fair competition. It breeds innovation. That same innovation can be copied, forked back to its source, or taken to the next level.

As the crypto space gets more improved, you want competition.

...and what is the newest, and best today... will still benefit from even more innovation and improvements with other projects too.

So as the crypto space graduates from the wild west, to more of a civilized atmosphere with more adoption... we will need to understand the benefits are reciprocal to all projects in existence today.

If decentralized communities take too long to realize that crypto respect is necessary.. then big commercial business is going to own this space before long.

Tribalism and wars with competing projects is not healthy in the long term.

  • In the short-term, I agree with @gtg -- there are profitability benefits... but that is only short-term thinking.

  • The long term view is that healthy competition yields more benefits to the consumer and late adopters. We need polished technologies and quality products and services if crypto is ever going to make it big.

So with that said.... I'm not afraid to be involved in a project like at the same time, I write on both platforms.

Whaleshares community knows I write on steem and have no problem with that. However, I do not think I get the same sentiment from certain steemians.

Does that mean that the whaleshares community has more cryptorespect than steem? Maybe. We're going to see how long term this pans out, and what it really means.

...but the old western days of shooting competitors like Roy Bean did can change someone's thinking eventually.

In his last days, Roy Bean "...spent much of his profits helping the poor of the area and always made sure that the local schoolhouse had free firewood in winter"

Perhaps that is because as Roy Bean got older, he had regret and guilt about what he did in his earlier years, and the people he stomped on... and tried to do some good in the end to try and make up for some of it.

Quick profits today, at the cost of stifling good products for tomorrow?

Or crypto respect today, and seeing the inevitable progression of what we'll see tomorrow.

...I choose crypto respect. :)

Feel free to get involved in any projects you wish. I won't hold that against anyone.

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It's very interesting the bitcoins

I choose crypto respect too. I just started posting on Whaleshares and happy to see familiar faces and new ones too. I appreciate a different platform to share content and my intent is to participate on both -- and any more that I find. Why? Because it is the wild west. It's exciting. And I want to stake my claim wherever there is opportunity.