No, but individual benefit isn't the only factor to consider. It has given me a chance to power up more than I would have otherwise. I hope others did the same.

I liked the overvalued steem dollar too - especially when it went to $8 on the exchanges!

SBD got to 14$ at some point in December after SBD and steem were listed on that Korean exchange upbit. ... It was a juicy moment for some of us...
Meanwhile, if analysis in this post is anything to go by, Then I should be expecting more upshoot in the price of SBD soon... Let's not forget that less supply means more demand which leads to a higher price.
Also bearing in mind that what was causing the hike in SBD's market cap is because whales (non steemians and steemian traders alike) sees SBD as an easy to manipulate token mainly because of it's supply... That's the only reason I believe the market cap is soaring higher and a halt in printing would most def leads to higher prices.
I think I'll just brace myself for this while I keep powering up the Steem paid in place of SBD for my posts...

No :) Of course.