With Steem communities, we will follow interests and not accounts

in steem •  3 months ago 

Hivemind Communities will make following "accounts" less relevant as people will be able to follow interests instead. This interest-based following is much better than account-based following.

Let's say I write about Python programming, thoughts on Steem, life lessons and poetry. These are things that I care about and I would like to have conversations with other people who care about these too. Right now, all I can do is put it all on my blog account. There is no way to separate these different interests and no way to deliver each to its respective audience.

With communities, I can post all these in different communities and the right audience will interact with each. There will be communities for sharing poetry, life lessons, Python programming, etc.

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Completely agree, belong able to separate and search by interest (and not just by tag) has been needed from the beginning.
I'm curious, why don't you use a tribe tag? At the moment, I think the tribes created on Steem Engine are the best version of interest based following currently available on Steem.