Turnkey Monetization for Steem Communities

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One of the possibilities that Native Ads will introduce to communities is turnkey monetization.

Anyone will be able to accept sponsored content in their community, in a Steem-based token of their choice, with tools to manage the workflow and handle payments securely.

One of the things I hope to see with the use of Native Ads is certain types of communities, of the Journal type (in which only members can post); like niche-focused content "channels" that opt-in to monetization and offer sponsored content as a way to generate revenue.

The sponsored content can be a post, or one idea I am really excited about: polls. Polls can be an ingenious way to gather opinion from a select group of people and communities create natural targeting.

Think of a local "food channel" hosted by a popular person sharing their food experiences. It can offer space for sponsored content (polls or posts) and local restaurants can purchase this space directly, to get public opinion on their menu, for example.

Or a local "comedy channel" that shares satirical views on what's happening in a city. It can offer space for sponsored polls, which will be something of interest to a wide range of entrepreneurs, who can take the opportunity to use jokes in sponsored content to bring attention to their products or services.

I believe easy and efficient monetization options can bring a lot of opportunities and value to Steem communities.

Are you planning on creating a community when the feature is live on Steem? What do you think about monetization?

I am working on a new feature called Native Ads, that may be added to Hivemind Communities in a future update.

For an overview of the Native Ads feature and how it will work, read this doc.

If you would like to take a look at the code, check out the branches on my fork of Hivemind on GitHub.

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