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Would you mind letting me know why you are downvoting flagger beneficiary reports from Steemflagrewards? Did you have an issue?

It's an abuse group. That's as simple as it is. It's people who got in early on STEEM or bitcoin and can afford to flatten users they disagree with because they are wealthy on steemit.

They come up with rules I disagree with so I use my downvotes to downvote them sometimes. Also downvote other accounts.

Them profiting off upvoted on downvotes is ironic. What the hell are they adding to the ecosystem. If they made posts saying how great they are and who to target today without stealing rewards then do it I won't downvote that. But claiming rewards I will downvote it.

I'd have preferred if my upvoted were the same as before the hard forks but now part of my upvotes are downvotes so I'm morally obliged to decrease their rewards.

Happy to discuss being removed from blacklists and I will stop. Utterly no point in me doing anything other than downvoting on this platform otherwise.

I don't know why you bothered chatting with this guy.

This guy literally has no clue. He thinks we are early adopters. If we were, there wouldn't be a need for any of this. And he thinks we run a blacklist? When the hell did that happen?

This is just some curation sniping guy with a shit ton of alts to farm that 0.005 STEEM from @originalworks. No different than SDL.

because you are an abuse group

How so?

Because we coordinate to adjust the rewards of grossly overvalued content so that the platforms curation appears more honest?

You really think that's abuse?

When you sell the up votes that you are down voting yes

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