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Dear Boss,

I'm glad to finally hear that you're sending 3000 Steem to @fidelmboro... I'll also like you to remember that all the "Steemjet Games" in @steemjetgames are my brainwork in which @fidelmboro was in partnership with me before he went for National Youth Service far away from me...

As much as I'm happy you're answering his prayer with 3000 Steem, what happens to the creator of the games? If you need proof, Boss, I'll show it to you. I have all the designs in my laptop. Remember it was a joint effort in which @fidelmboro introduced me to you and we both came up with the @steemjetgames project. If you reflect on the posts of the aborted @steemjetgames project you will see @igwentertainment (my former account) and @fidelmboro.

It was a joint effort Boss -- his introducing me to you and my brainwork. Remember that you gave me equal Steem of 1000 as you gave him, as well as equal 1000 SP as you gave him -- a game project that was aborted as Steemjet changed its direction of priorities.

Boss, I'm on the road on a long journey otherwise I would have shown evidences of all that I'm saying. If that is what it will take to get your attention, then as soon as I reach my destination, I'll show you all the proof you need to know that THESE ARE MY GAMES...

Boss, I'll get back to you...

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I really appreciate the fact that you decided to reward me with 3k steeem

This is not a big deal @igwelibrary. Never will i argue that we both brought the game to steemjet with you being the brain and i in partnership. As steem is a Blockchain tool just as dimimp will say.

Steem is a Blockchain tool...

Boss dimimp Once again I'm grateful for deciding to reward me with 3,000 steem..