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Have you ever used Quora? Well now you can start earning and rewarding Steem while asking and answering questions!


Step-by-step guide on how to start using Adrogavi

When you enter the page, you'll be greeted with this view


Here you are asked to enter your account name and private posting key. If you leave "remember me" unchecked, nothing is stored anywhere. Meaning if you refresh the site, you have to log in again.

If you check "remember me", your data will be stored only to your browsers localStorage - it will not leave your computer! Once you select log out, the data will be erased. So only use remember me option on your own machine.

Your first login to Adrogavi?

After logging in, you will be asked to choose topics that you'd like to read about (topics of interest). You can choose up to 3 but don't worry, once the registration is done you can add as many as you wish. The list is currently quite empty as you can imagine. It will only show topics that other users have added to the website.


After you have chosen up to 3 topics of interests, you will be shown another list where you get to choose which topics you'd like to try and give answers to (topics of expertises). Once you click next here, you're done! Just wait for message "Account registered" and your registration process has been saved to the blockchain.

There has been some issues here, all of your topics might not be saved (issue with nodes?) but you can add them from the main view.

Adding new topics

If you didn't see topic you'd like to have on your list of interests or expertises, you can click on the Topics button to open up a menu to search and add topics.

If a topic you're searching for hasn't been already added by another added, you can create it yourself. Just click on it and the process will start. Wait patiently for the broadcast to happen as Steem has been working a bit slow these days, slowing the process.


Now that the topic is saved to Adrogavi you can add it to your interests or expertises

Search for the topic again and you should see this view.


Now just click on Steem and you'll see this.


Select which category you would like the topic added to and voila. Topic was created for others to use as well and you now have it on your topics of interests or expertises to choose from.

You might see the previous "Create topic" again however, this just means there was an error creating the topic. Just try again and it will eventually work.adro_finish.png

That's the hardest part of using Adrogavi! Now you're ready to start posting questions and answering them and most importantly, start earning Steem!

Are there fees? Can you invest to get share of them?

Yes and no. 15% of author fees will go to @adrogavi to fund the hosting and development of the service. As of now there isn't a way for user to invest to the platform but there'll be one and it will probably be similar to what utopian has implemented. Meaning people can start delegate SP to @adrogavi to get share of the fees accordingly to their stake. There will be post announcing the feature once it's implemented.

Are you using databases?

No. Adrogavi only writes and retrieves data from Steem blockchain.

Are there bugs?

Yes. Probably a ton but I wanted to open the service for public to find all of them faster. Please be patient. This is just the first release! Expect things to not work. Just a warning.

"I'm getting security warning when I enter the page"

The site isn't using https yet. This will be fixed.

Only latest 100 posts are queried from the blockchain currently

Meaning if there's a lot of of users posting questions your questions might not show up anymore. This will be changed as service matures and the current features get more polished. They are still on the blockchain, don't worry.

Coming soon:

  • Voting power slider - currently all upvotes use 10% of your voting power.
  • Refresh button doesn't show recently added topics - this will be fixed soon. For now, press f5 to reload the page.
  • Much more polishing stuff and little features that add to the experience.

Got questions?

You can contact me directly on steemit chat. My nick is @igster there also.


Why not use steemconnect?

Greetings @igster! Do you think Steemit has what it takes to be one of the top 10 global social media platforms?

We do! Are you willing to help us do what it takes to fix steemits vulnerabilities so we can bring this platform to the mainstream?

I represent an media alliance with over 10 million followers. We see that steemit needs a few small, but very important changes to make it to the next level.

Please share your solutions with us! And help us attract the attention of steem developers. Share your wisdom and thoughts with us at

Together, we will bring steem to the Mainstream!

When I started the development there was only the first version of Steemconnect available which didn't have beneficiaries built in. I will look in to migrating the service over to Steemconnect v.2.0 soon.

congrats @igster, I am also working on a similar project!

Thank you. I had such a feeling for a while now. So it was you :) Will be interesting to see your take on it.

Excellent news.It seems to be interesting service.

SteemConnect V2 implementation is now done :

And Steem users can now answer to questions from any frontend using #adrogavi in the start of their comment.

It seems to be interesting service. I shall check it out. Thank you @igster and I hope you will fix the bugs soon.

It should be usable. Steem has been working bit sluggish so loading/posting content and logging might take a while at times.

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :)

Appreciated! :)

I love that someone is finally digging into this idea!

So far though, I was greeted with "connection is not private" security error. NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

Where there are upvotes - there can be Steem!

You get this as you enter the page or try to login?

I'm going to get the ssl-certificate today, not sure how long the whole process will take however. I'll let you know when I have it so people can enter the site without such warnings as you are getting. - How about now?

Awsome idea! Im sure the 'helping community' will get more popular once people can make some bucks with it!

Quora is worth billions the last I heard. Yet any of that value doesn't go to those who use the platform and provide the content. I'd like to see that changed.

Wow, I did not know this before. Thanks a lot for this very important info!

This is the first release to public. There are bugs and features are missing but the core usability should be there. It's a start.

this is a huge contribution to steemit community. thanks!

Did you just answer a spam bot's comment?

Very likely

@igster ,@cryptoflash is definitely not a bot. btw you are a genius! thanks for this

Thank you. That's a bit too big of an compliment for a buggy service in alpha but I'll take it!


Your account can be used on every service built on top of Steem. Adrogavi is one of these services so yes. You can access it with your private posting key.

Great idea! I think something like this is surely needed in regards to steem/steemit. I'm just annoyed that I didn't think of the idea first... :p

Thanks. I hope you find something great to work on!

Excellent news will give it a try.

This is nice man looking forward and I will give it a try !!

Thank you!

Thank you for this @igster.

I will definitely check it out. I am glad this was developed using the steem blockchain. There really is a lot of wonderful stuff being developed.

I will do all I can to assist in helping to find the bugs. This could be a wonderful app...getting crazy attention from people once it is smoothed out. There are a number of ask a question sites out there to pull from.

All tied into STEEM..I love it.

Steem is a good platform to built on. I'm sure more developers will come here when Smart Tokens are introduced as right now it's hard to compete with Ethereum and the ico money.

Thank you for your help! Appreciate it. If you use Steemit Chat you should private message me the bugs you find.

So Quora / Yahoo answers for the Steem Blockchain?
Very cool

Yes, you could say so.

This is what people can currently do on Adrogavi:

  • User can add new topic to app
  • User can choose any topic added to app as an topic of interest or expertise
  • User can browse questions posted to these topics.
    (You can browse all topics of interest of once or just one of them for example.)
  • User can also follow questions and only browse followed questions
  • User can provide answers to questions and ask new questions.
  • Upvoting a question or an answer will reward Steem

This is all done on the Steem blockchain. I don't have any local database in use. Zero.

This is a great idea! I will check it out. I'm a know-it-all and it always bugged me that Quora pays squat. OK just tried it. Can't create an account or login. That circle just keeps spinning! Needs work! Actually this problem is affecting all of Steemit. Having the same problem posting and commenting here. It is really slow. But on your site nothing happens no longer how long I wait.

I've noticed that also. It can take few tries and sometimes go through after 10 seconds or not all. I'll try to see where the issue is and if I can do anything about it. Thank you for input.

Can't wait to see more progress. I actually had this idea quite some time ago, you may have a future competitor ;)

That would be welcome! Every successful app helps the Steem ecosystem. Heh, yes. I thought this as a small and simple idea to do but they always take more time then you thought at the start.

This is wonderful news, additional development on the steem blockchain.... Beautiful.... Nice work

Thank you.

I wonder if it can "win" over Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. That'd be interesting to witness.

I only worry of getting the product solid and working for now. There will probably be a investing chance for users just like Utopian has now later, so there'll be an incentive for community to grow the project as well.

Sure, I wasn't saying to start big immediately.

It was just an idea because there are sites that are damn good at their shit (Youtube, Reddit, SO, etc) yet misses the form of rewards that actually makes sense, like Steem.

I think they'll eventually have to change as competition rises. Youtube has been getting bad rap lately.

Wow! Thanks a lot. I'll check it out.

looks cool to me. i need more steem bucks so anyone needs a question answered id be happy to put my (literally) 2 cents in!

Currently voting is limited to 10% power. I will add slider as the first thing when I get the time. Whales beware.

What's sup with that name though? That's the first bug, haha, I'll never be able to remember it. Have it named Steem Answers or something more descriptive.

Haha, you're probably right. I could ask for suggestions from community at later time. Or go for Dask or something as it seems to be the trend here. I'll keep my mind on it.

That's very awesome. This is something that can prove to be very useful to members. Useful exchange of information by way of questions and answers is a great way forward.

hi, soon i will join you.

There's room for everyone :)

Kaspersky didn't let me to go through the website, why?

Probably because of missing ssl-certificate that needs to be bought for the site. I'll look in to it.

i am @ abdullaifphadia I have a day alone in the house, so I thought I could take advantage of that by streaming me making a remix!
Also, you can ask me any questions, I'll answer them

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i am @ abdullaifphadia I have a day alone in the house, so I thought I could take advantage of that by streaming me making a remix!
Also, you can ask me any questions, I'll answer them nice post

very intersting i like it

wow,thanks @igster, il definitely jump in.Hoping you get the best out of it too.Wish u the best of luck

Thanks. There might be trouble with logging in, just keep trying few times by refreshing the page and logging in again. Eventually I'd like to setup my own node to speed things up.

i am @ abdullaifphadia I have a day alone in the house, so I thought I could take advantage of that by streaming me making a remix!
Also, you can ask me any questions nice post

hi @igster - so i just followed your link and got this message:

"Your connection is not secure
The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.
Learn more…
Report errors like this to help Mozilla identify and block malicious sites"

i'm using Mozilla FF on a MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) OSX el capitan 10.11.6
let me know if you want help testing anything,

I think the warning is there since I haven't bought SSL certificate for the site yet. I'll look in to it and let you know once I have it to see if you still get the message.

yeah, that's an SSL issue.

Thanks for clearing that up. I'll see if I can deal with it later today. - it should work now. Let me know if you're still getting an error message.

looks cool to me. i need more steem bucks so anyone needs a question answered id be happy to put my (literally) 2 cents in!

Voting is currently limited to 10% power. Slider will be added as soon as possible. Whales beware!

very intersting i like it

hi, soon i will join you.

Looks Interesting. Can you create a TAG and share it so that we we can know if you or anyone else is talking about it. If there already exist such TAG can u please let me know.

Looks Interesting. Can you create a TAG and share it so that we we can know if you or anyone else is talking about it. If there already exist such TAG can u please let me know.

Looks Interesting. Can you create a TAG and share it so that we we can know if you or anyone else is talking about it. If there already exist such TAG can u please let me know.

Unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working....

I registered but nothing seems to be happening.

Nothing happening as no posts are showing or? There isn't really activity going around. There probably needs to be some incentive systems in place for that to happen like rewarding top users etc.

I was getting an error message when I posted although it was sent through to my comments page on here.

You tried to create/join a topic or answer to question?

The broadcasts sometimes fail to go through for some reason. I think it's the problem with nodes but could be wrong.

Edit: it feels like Steemit is working a lot faster now. Maybe the issues are fixed now.

I get this:

Error: choose a topic before submitting your question

The problem is that I did.

I'll look into it. Thanks, that's a new one.

Just trying to help get the platform off the ground.

How do I view other questions that were already asked on there...when I press the new or top questions, nothing happens.

By the way, I am using firefox if that makes any difference.

There currently isn't message in place for not any questions on the topic. I think that's your issue here :) Try adding adrogavi topic and check if you see anything (you should).

The joining wasnt a was moving around and posting. As I said it gave me an error message so I tried a couple more times and gave up.

Then I looked at my comments and there were a few messages.

I will try it again.

I will also start working on implementing Steemconnect V2.0 soon and make the site viewable/usable even if one hasn't logged in.

Count me in...I am all into this blockchain and think there is the making of something wonderful here. I love the idea of a decentralized Quora twitter facebook and youtube.

We just need to get them going.

I agree. Have you seen jesta's chainbb?

Nice information

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