I dont understand why people dont upvote posts!!!please people read this post!!!

in steem •  2 years ago 

IMG_20170616_110011.png I dont undarstand why people dont upvote posts..they see the post and then just scroll down!!!why do they do that!!! i think most of the people dont know that they get profit if they upvote posts..if they know that why they just dont do it!!! i am noticing that people are watching my posts but not upvoting it!!!!what is the reason??? its really annoying...i dont do that.. i upvote every post i see...And my advise to all of steemians please upvote every post u see..its good for u and also for the post maker!!!...
please people read this post give upvote and comment..

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yeah your right bro...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

plz follow me..if u want amazing posts

Yeah your correct...

Is this satire or sarcasm? It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference.

i am serious!!

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😇 there do you feel better now.


I only upvote posts to show that I like it, if I dont like a post enough I wont upvote.

but if u upvote there is benifit for u also!!!

There are already bots out there who will auto upvote your posts and comments. Generally thats frowned upon in internet communities and in some communities is a permanently bannable offence.

Im hanging around to see what kind of community steemit turns into but I suspect, because real money is involved, that corruption will be its downfall and it will be another quasai-youtube which is dominated by its own version of whales. I hope not, but I think, if we run around giving likes for likes and votes for votes, that it will turn into a mess of bots and scammers. I hope to be someone in to community to provide subtle resistance to that, however fruitless my rebellion is.

I completely agree and that makes me angry too. Moreover, people write nice things about my post, that they like it etc, but DON'T upvote. I can't understand why... :/

Most people don't have steem power, I can upvote your post, but my steempower is really low. I contribute 0.001 or less, so many people don't upvote because they don't have the steem power