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Today, the crypto quiz will be about STEEM. Before you start answering the questions make sure that you have read the rules and the rewards section here. Now, let's go to the questions:

❔ What is the type of consensus mecchanism that the steem network uses?

❔ How long it takes for a block to be created ?

❔ What is the bandwith in the steem blockchain and why it is needed?

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The right answer is:

a) Delegated proof of stake
b) 3 seconds
c) Bandwidth is Information carrying capacity. It is used in order to avoid spam.

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Thank you all for participating and for your contributions.

Delegated Proof of Stake is designed to optimize performance of the nominal condition of 100% participation of honest nodes with robust network connections. This gives DPOS the power to confirm transactions with 99.9% certainty in an average of just 1.5 seconds

63-second rounds: 21 blocks per round at a target of 3 seconds between blocks.

Bandwidth is Information carrying capacity. In Steemit It can Be Expanlied as How much information you can upload and download in a certain block of Steemit.
Bandwidth depends most on how much rewards you are getting in steem power increase your bandwidth.

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