Announcing The Winners Of The 4,500 Steem Power Drawing

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Quick Recap Of The Drawing

Roughly 6 months ago I decided to do something that I felt would make a big impact in the Steemit community. This drawing is just that. I'm honestly thankful that people have been so supportive of this as well as knowing that they can turn around and support others. Here's a recap of the drawing and some other random thoughts. I look forward to keeping this train moving forwards. Congrats to all the winners. Full Steem Ahead!

Here Are The 20 Winners From The Drawing





















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Congratulations for all people who won delegation in this round! Actually this is really a great idea! Thank you bro!


Big thanks mate! This is some sweet extra power for my daily steeming ;)

Congratulations again to the winners. Use the power wisely!

Thanks for continuing to help build communities here in Steemit, @humanearl!

Congratulations to the winners. I'm happy to see some of my friends on the list

Congrats to the winners.
Another powerful supporting work for build up steem community.

Thanks for your support @humanearl! Stay blessed brother!

Thanks for allowed delegation steem power to me. It would be helpful my steem journey.

You always surprise me with this and I'm really so grateful. More grease to your elbow. Thanks so much.

Just watching your vlog..

Just want to say I really admire what you're doing for others.

I'll be get in touch with you on Discord soon :)

Have a blessed day !!

Your decision was taken right after 6 months because I think it is a good result if I keep it moving and I have many wishes from all the winners and I wish you good luck.

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