Launching SBD Gambling Casino

in steem •  2 years ago

When I heard first time about cryptocurrencies- bitcoin it was end of 2012.
My old friend told me, that he have heard about some new payment network, in which you can remain 100% anonymous.
It was very interesting for me, how could anyone achieve such a thing! It is not easy to hide all data about payments, so I was very curious about network and concept on general.

First, i have heard that you can buy drugs with bitcoin of course, it was a topic about usage of bitcoin in illegal activities.
However, i have found a gambling sites too- I got there very fast, and that was enjoyable for me actually: btc gambling was something new, not same as regular online gambling where we can have our chips.

Overrall, I have been constantly loosing money in all casinos for about 2 years.

And suddenly, I thought about something great:

Why do I have to convert my SBD into BTC? I could gamble with SBD right? That would be easier, and faster!
Obviously, I cannot expect steemit devs to make such a thing. However i give you this idea, because I hope that some wise whale, can exploit this opportunity- he will make money, and I will have chance to lose my SBD too :)

Personally, i was thinking about dice mostly, but there could be more games to choose. That can yield even more profit to any potential investor, because probably more games you implement, more users will play it.

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I want steemit to allow voting/betts on everything. Who will win a football game; just find a person to bet against you, or a group of people and split the winnings. Just a simple post that would let me put up steem money and let others match it, then a witness could verify the winner, winner takes all.


Playing agaisnt players would be cool too, why not?
We already see a competition here, we we cannot make more :D

Wow think of the possibilities!