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Hi community, lately i have found out that a lot of people using steemit are hating each other's photos but well... actually for no reason.

I can find many posts where this have happened,i think the main reason is that people are just jelous that someone's got money thanks to their work.

Look at his post,he is hating clayop photo, but clayop have claimed that this photo has sentimental value for him- and he shares it with us. But i dont get the reason why only the best photos may be posted here c082832 ?
We should fix this community.


Agreed.. and i've noticed @issac.asimov compare users to politicans more than once but hey won't wallow in insensitivity myself... Welcome man and best of luck here. I'm fairly new with minimum success so far.. sure sticking around will be rewarding... Def has already for me compared to experience with other social networks

but isaac is a bot lol

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 7.1 and reading ease of 83%. This puts the writing level on par with Tom Clancy and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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