Estimated Account Value going down

in steem •  2 years ago

I have spotted a strange thing happening over few days.
It is obvious that both SBD and Steem tokens have their own value, which is different and it is fluctuating, and that is the reason that STEEMPOWER price is different over time too.
However i have spotted, that my account is constantly getting cheaper and cheaper.

Many people may say that is about my power down proccess going on- but that is not true, the thing is that i have started freshly after noticing it.

I have had my account worth about 300 USD. But one-two weeks later, it went to 220$!
Currently it is 225$, thanks to some price rise, but i would like to ask what can cause this, except the price movement?

Im aware that it shouldnt be the same all the time, but if my 300$ went to 220$ ( which is basically almost 30% drop) then what would happen with someone's account value that is over 100k USD?

That is scary, i dont know how to fight that. Any ideas, insights?

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It's because the price of STEEM has been falling. It is nothing to worry about.

I've been losing about $0.01 per day. Now I'm down to $0.78.

same is happening to me. Everyday I look at the estimated account value is a few cents lower than before.

yes same is with me .. mine is decreasing too :(

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