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When someone purchases the Steem token they're investing in the Steem blockchain. The Steem blockchain is like an operating system for decentralized applications or Dapps, specializing in the social media space by using a delegated proof of stake algorithm. The Steem token value will be determined by the dapps built on the blockchain and how popular or succesful they are. This will be the first installment of a weekly post tracking the most popular Steem dapps.

I was able to find 9 dapps that are worth watching, here's the list in rank of popularity, please leave a comment below if there's some I've missed.

  1. Steemit
  2. Dtube
  3. Busy
  4. Utopian
  5. Dmania
  6. Steepshot
  7. Dlive
  8. Dsound
  9. Zappl

The purpose of this post is to track Steem dapps week over week popularity growth by using data from Alexa. By doing this, we can get a look into the long term success of the Steem blockchain by monitoring its organic growth.


Steemit's popularity grew 4% last week, the Alexa rank now at 1054.


Dtube' s popularity grew 12.6% last week, the Alexa rank now at 23,990.


Busy's popularity grew 3.9% last week, the Alexa rank now at 47,217.


Utopian'a popularity grew 5.6% last week, the Alexa rank now at 117,855.


Dmania's popularity grew 19% last week, the Alexa rank now at 214,427.


Steepshot's popularity grew 5.7% last week, the Alexa rank now at 323,405


Dlive's popularity grew 23.34% last week, the Alexa rank now at 333,608


Dsound's popularity grew 10.14% last week, the Alexa rank now at 361,457.


Zappl's popularity shrank by 2.5%, the Alexa rank now at 884,298.

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Thanks for the stats update @honeydew2002!

We have a long way to go still, but the steem network is growing more popular everyday.

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I love to see DTUBE take over Youtube! Decentralization is the future!

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thanks for the news sharing
resteemit done

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this is one of the great post i have read today
thanks for post sir

Thanks for this excellent overview @honeydew2002. I actually created a post recently that explains some of the Steemit apps, so it's interesting to see which ones are doing the best!

Could you post the link? I would like to read that. Thanks

Hi @honeydew2002, I wasn't sure how to contact you so I thought that this was the best way. I would really appreciate if I could talk to you a bit about my latest project an get your feedback. Are you on Discord or Steemit Chat?

zappl often cannot publish posts and loses them. This site is impossible to use, I prefer steemit